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Design patterns for data mining/machine learning projects

Mouri Roy
Updated on 09-May-2023 12:05:58
As the demand for machine learning is increasing in various fields like corporate offices, hospitals, server-side services, traffic, manufacturing, and many more fields, it is important to deliver the best solutions for any problem related to machine learning. This will alternatively increase the efficiency of machine learning models. The design patterns are a way in which the various stages and steps to train machine learning models are recorded so that it can be used to solve a problem with much efficiency and less error. In this article, we will see the various machine learning design patterns. But before that let ... Read More

Hyperparameters in Machine Learning Explained

Mouri Roy
Updated on 11-Apr-2023 12:44:08
To improve the learning model of machine learning, there are various concepts given in machine learning. Hyperparameters are one of such important concepts that are used to improve the learning model. They are generally classified as model hyperparameters that are not included while setting or fitting the machine to the training set because they refer to the model selection task. In deep learning and machine learning, hyperparameters are the variables that you need to apply or set before the application of a learning algorithm to a dataset. What are Hyperparameters? Hyperparameters are those parameters that are specifically defined by the ... Read More

How Google Uses Machine Learning?

Mouri Roy
Updated on 11-Apr-2023 12:34:05
In the last five years, data scientists have created data-crunching machines by using cutting-edge methodologies. Various machine learning models have been developed that help resolve challenging situations in the real world. With the growth in technologies, various services related to the public and government sectors are getting over the internet. It makes the process fast and the reach of services increases rapidly among the citizens. Google is really making our life easy in every aspect. Whether it is from booking a taxi to finding a dentist near me, all these tasks can be done using the various services of Google. ... Read More

How to Land an Internship in Machine Learning?

Mouri Roy
Updated on 11-Apr-2023 12:46:25
Machine learning is an exciting field that is rapidly growing and providing promising career opportunities. Landing an internship in machine learning can be a great way to gain practical experience and build your skills. But landing an internship in Machine Learning as an undergraduate student is tough as most of the well-known companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Netflix are looking for Ph.D. students who have publications in prestigious journals. However, machine learning solutions are becoming increasingly popular in different industries. Most of the modern technologies like self-driving cars, voice assistants, AI chatbots, and recommendation systems are all powered by ... Read More

Distribution of Test Data vs. Distribution of Training Data

Sohail Tabrez
Updated on 29-Mar-2023 14:46:21
Introduction The quality and representativeness of the data used to train and test a machine learning model significantly impact its success. The distribution of training and test data is a key factor in determining the quality of the data. The distribution of training data is the probability distribution of the input data used to train a machine learning model. In contrast, the probability distribution of the input data used to assess the model's effectiveness is referred to as the distribution of test data. This article will examine the variations in training and test data distributions and how they may affect ... Read More

Logistic Regression with Two Highly Correlated Predictors

Sohail Tabrez
Updated on 29-Mar-2023 14:45:08
Introduction Logistic Regression is a widely used statistical technique applied in various fields to model the relationship between a binary response variable and a set of predictor variables. This technique is an extension of linear Regression, where the dependent variable is transformed to a logit function to ensure that the predictions lie within the range of 0 and 1. In this article, we will discuss the implications of having two highly correlated predictors in a logistic regression model and the steps that can be taken to address this issue. Logistic Regression: Dealing with Highly Correlated Predictors Correlation among predictors in ... Read More

Assumptions of Linear Regression - Multivariate Normality

Sohail Tabrez
Updated on 29-Mar-2023 14:43:38
Introduction Linear regression is a widely used statistical method for modelling the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. It is based on the linear relationship between the variables and is widely used in various fields, including economics, psychology, and engineering. However, certain assumptions must be met for the results of linear regression analysis to be meaningful and accurate. One of these assumptions is the assumption of multivariate normality. Multivariate normality assumes that the residuals, or the difference between the observed and predicted values, are normally distributed. This assumption is important because it allows for various ... Read More

AI generated creations or inventions examples

Premansh Sharma
Updated on 06-Mar-2023 15:45:53
Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) has gained appeal in the technological industry as more and more industries, including those of art and creativity, embrace its applications. Consumers, businesses, and many industrial sectors are becoming more and more interested in the ideas and works created by generative AI. These inventions are the product of powerful algorithms and machine-learning models that are capable of generating and producing novel ideas, artistic masterpieces, and even useful items. This article will examine some of the most impressive and innovative works of art and goods created by artificial intelligence (AI) that demonstrate the creative potential of this ... Read More

Why do time series have to be stationary before analysis?

Jay Singh
Updated on 27-Feb-2023 12:49:24
Time series analysis is an effective method for identifying and forecasting trends in data that have been gathered over time. Each data point in a time series represents a particular point in time, and the data is gathered over time. Time series data examples include stock price data, weather information, and website traffic. In a number of disciplines, including economics, finance, and weather forecasting, time series data is often employed. The practice of utilizing statistical methods to comprehend the data over time and make predictions about it is known as time series analysis. The ability to spot patterns, trends and ... Read More

When to use the Gaussian mixture model?

Jay Singh
Updated on 27-Feb-2023 12:47:57
A Gaussian mixture model (GMM) is a statistical framework that assumes the underlying data were generated by combining several Gaussian distributions. This probabilistic model determines the probability density function of the data. The versatility of GMM is its main advantage. GMM can be used to model different data types and distributions. It can deal with data that has several peaks or modes, non-spherical clusters, and various modes. The GMM is robust to outliers and can be used for both density estimation and clustering applications. Picture segmentation and anomaly detection can both benefit from it. Time series information can be utilized ... Read More