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How to select values from a JSON object using jQuery?

Tarun Singh
Updated on 10-May-2023 13:01:39
JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a lightweight format used for data interchange between web applications and servers. It provides a simple and easy-to-read structure that can be parsed and generated easily by machines. JSON is often used as an alternative to XML because it is more compact and easier to work with. In this article, we see how to select values from a JSON object using jQuery with different approaches. What is a JSON object? A JSON object consists of a collection of key-value pairs separated by colons. Here keys are known as strings and the values are of ... Read More

How to scroll the page up or down using anchor element in jQuery?

Tarun Singh
Updated on 10-May-2023 12:58:20
jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that simplifies the process of manipulating HTML documents, handling events, and creating animations. In this article, we'll see how to scroll the page up or down using the anchor elements in jQuery. We sometimes encounter large content pages on websites and to go to a specific section, we want to perform the scrolling in the page up or down. To solve this problem, there are several ways to achieve this, but using anchor elements is one of the easiest and most straightforward methods. Apart from this, we’ll see the scrollTop and animate to perform ... Read More

How to select the last row of a table using jQuery?

Tarun Singh
Updated on 10-May-2023 12:48:30
jQuery is a widely used tool in JavaScript that simplifies the process of manipulating HTML documents and doing other tasks related to website development. In this article, we will see how to select the last row of a table using jQuery. Along with this, we’ll know different approaches to performing this task. Why Selecting the Last Row of a Table is Important? Let's see why we need to select the last of a table and why it becomes an important task. So basically when developers need to change or modify their new data into the existing table dynamically, it ensures ... Read More

How to create a Basic collapsibles using jQuery Mobile

Aman Gupta
Updated on 09-May-2023 17:04:17
Overview The jQuery mobile provides the enhanced version of the simple jQuery, as the jQuery mobile provides responsive content and designs for all types of screens. So before starting to build the collapsible we should know about the feature. A collapsible is a web component which statically shows the heading or main content of the data and on clicking the heading it expands and shows the whole information about the heading. We can also build the collapsible using normal jQuery but it will not provide the responsive design and layout. jQuery Mobile Content Delivery Network (CDN) Links Before starting to ... Read More

How to create animations using relative value in jQuery

Aman Gupta
Updated on 09-May-2023 17:02:29
Overview The relative values are the values which are incremented or decremented with respect to any units. In the relative while performing the animation the object is not reset to its initial position but it starts growing from its current state. So to create a relative value animation can be achieved by using the jQuery ‘animate()’ method with any selector element. So we will learn how to use the relative value with animate method in jQuery with an example which will help you to learn about the relative value and animation. Syntax The syntax of the animate() method with respect ... Read More

How to reverse array of DOM elements using jQuery?

Updated on 08-May-2023 16:36:58
The array of DOM elements is an array of same multiple elements or of those elements which contains same class or the selecting attribute. Our task is to reverse an array of DOM elements using jQuery. There will be a lot of ways to reverse an array of DOM elements. But, in this article, we are going to discuss about the two methods to reversing and array of DOM elements. By using a for loop By using the reverse() method Let us now discuss both of these methods in details by practically implementing them with the help of ... Read More

How to retrieve stored value from div element using jQuery?

Updated on 08-May-2023 16:38:44
In some situations, we need to retrieve or get the text value stored inside a particular div element to use some condition, if the text is dynamic or for some other tasks in jQuery. By getting the value stored in the div element, we can perform any task based on the value of the element in jQuery. In jQuery, we can retrieve or get the stored value of a div element using three different methods. The methods are listed below − By using the text() method By using the html() method Let us now understand working of each ... Read More

jQuery lose focus event

Shubham Vora
Updated on 05-May-2023 16:26:45
The jQuery allows developers to write readable code than JavaScript. We can decrease the 10’s of lines of JavaScript code into the 3 to 4 lines using jQuery. Sometimes, we need to use jQuery to perform some operation whenever an element loses focus. We can use jQuery's focusOut() and blur() methods to trigger the loose focus event. Mainly, developers require to use it with the inputs, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc., to give the validation feedback to the users once a user completes the input. Generally, we use the focusout() and blur() methods with the focus() method, which focuses on the ... Read More

jQuery Jcrop Plugin

Shubham Vora
Updated on 05-May-2023 16:22:31
Jquery contains various plugins providing different functionalities, like the NPM package, and Jcrop is one of them. The Jcrop plugin allows developers to add functionalities related to image cropping in the application. Sometimes, we require to allow users to crop images. For example, if we build an extension or application that takes a screenshot of a selected portion, we require users to choose the screen portion and take screenshots. The Jcrop plugin allows users to select an element and crop it. Also, we can use parameters with the Jcrop plugin to customize the cropping functionality. Syntax Users can follow the ... Read More

jQuery BlockUI Plugin

Shubham Vora
Updated on 05-May-2023 16:18:57
Nowadays, asynchronous JavaScript is becoming more popular as we don’t require to reload the web page to update the data of the web page. We can use the AJAX request to fetch data from the database and update it on the web page without reloading it. However, it always takes some minimal time to update the data, which can be either in milliseconds or seconds. It can be irritating for users to see the app is updating data, and users can think that the app is hanging while the app is fetching the data. So, In such cases, we can ... Read More