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Creating bottom-positioned icon selects using jQuery Mobile

Updated on 22-May-2023 11:30:32
Bottom-positioned icon selects is a user interface element that allows users to select options from a dropdown menu. It is a variation of a standard select element with added functionality provided by jQuery Mobile. The icons are added to each option of the select menu to provide a visual cue to the user about the option they are selecting. The dropdown menu can be opened by clicking on the select menu button. jQuery Mobile provides an easy way to create bottom-positioned icon selects using their selectmenu widget. This widget enhances the standard select element with new features such as the ... Read More

How to create Basic flip toggle switch using jquery mobile?

Updated on 22-May-2023 11:16:47
JQuery Jquery is a fast and simple Javascript library which is used to make a client-side through HTML, It simplifies some of the Javascript functions like, DOM Manipulation, traversal, Event Handling and AJAX calls. This also has Cross-Browser compatibility. Jquery Mobile JQuery mobile is another framework which is designed specifically for mobile applications. This UI framework is based upon the Jquery library and provides some themes and tools which are based on HTML5. What is Flip toggle switch and why do we need one in our UI? Flip toggle switch is used to Switch On or Off something or ... Read More

How to create a simple map using JQuery?

Updated on 19-May-2023 14:50:05
JQuery is a well-liked interactive component in the JavaScript library that makes it easier to create online web apps. It can be made interactive with plugins and is simple and configurable. It is the best option for producing simplistic maps that lack advanced capabilities because it is compatible with all popular web browsers. Additionally, it is the most used tool for creating google maps because a basic map can be quickly and easily created with jQuery to add visual appeal to your website and improve user experience. Approach - 1 Algorithm Step-1 Create your map's HTML. For this, you'll need ... Read More

How to clone a block using JQuery?

Updated on 19-May-2023 14:35:16
A powerful method that allows developers to dynamically create and modify content blocks on a web page is cloning a block with jQuery. In website development cloning means duplicating an element or creating a new element just like another element. By using JQuery clone techniques you can clone a div, button, label, text, or anything on your web page. Cloning page components, including blocks of HTML code, is one of jQuery's most helpful capabilities. The technique of cloning is efficient and time-saving when building dynamic websites. This technique makes it easy to instantly make numerous copies of an existing ... Read More

How to reset selected value to default using jQuery?

Shubham Vora
Updated on 17-May-2023 14:08:38
While creating the web page, developers may require to reset the selected option for the dropdown menu. For example, we added the dropdown menu in the form allowing users to select any option. Once users submit the form, we require to reset the dropdown menu options using JavaScript or Jquery. In this tutorial, we will learn different approaches to resetting the selected value of the dropdown menu to default using Jquery. Using the prop() method The first approach uses the prop() method of Jquery. It allows us to reset the value of any property. Here, we can reset the value ... Read More

How to remove global CSS file from a particular page using jQuery?

Shubham Vora
Updated on 17-May-2023 12:32:56
Programmers require to use CSS while developing the web page to style the web page and make it attractive. We can add CSS to the web page in three ways: inline CSS, Internal CSS, and external CSS. To apply external CSS, we can import the CSS file in the tag using the tag. The external CSS file can also be a global CSS file. Sometimes, we require to remove the global CSS file from a particular web page. For example, you allow your web app users to switch between multiple themes, and when users switch the theme, ... Read More

How to prevent Body from scrolling when a modal is opened using jQuery?

Shubham Vora
Updated on 17-May-2023 11:52:43
A modal is a special user interface that we show on top of all the content of the web page. It is used to show some special information on the web page or move users out from the regular flow of the web page. For example, you may have seen on many websites that subscribe popup box appears on the web page saying to enter your email address to subscribe to the newsletter. Also, the alert box is modal, which doesn’t allow you to interact with the web page content until you close the modal. So, when we show users ... Read More

How to limit character input in textarea including count in jQuery?

Saba Hilal
Updated on 10-May-2023 18:11:42
Suppose the total permitted character is N and the user has entered M characters in the textarea, where N>M. Now only (N-M) characters are left to be entered. After this (N-M) becomes 0, the characters should not be allowed to be entered. In this article, using JQuery, in three different examples, this process of limiting the character input in the textarea is given. In the first example, the maxlength attribute of textarea is used. In example two, the text area is disabled after the required limit is reached and in the third example, the preventDefault is used for the ... Read More

How to set the background color for an element using jQuery?

Tarun Singh
Updated on 10-May-2023 13:26:28
jQuery- a very popular JavaScript tool that helps in simplifying the process of web development consists of various tools that can be used to manipulate the HTML elements, CSS properties, and even event handling. Adding new or modifying styles of an HTML element dynamically is one such task that requires based on user interaction. jQuery has various methods by which we can set the background color of an HTML element in using jQuery. We will see some different approaches including, using the CSS () method, using the addClass() method, and using the attr() method. Every method has its pros and ... Read More

How to set background color of a particular div in jQuery?

Tarun Singh
Updated on 10-May-2023 13:14:44
jQuery is a very popular and widely used JavaScript library used in the process of writing and manipulating HTML documents, handling events, and adding dynamic effects and animations to web pages. Sometimes we need to style a particular div in our web page but don’t know which method to use and how to use it. The process of styling the div is very easy and setting the background color of a particular div element can be achieved with the help of jQuery. Its process includes selecting the particular div element with the help of selectors, and then applying the CSS ... Read More
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