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Treatment of Industrial and Other Wastes

Gayatri Talakokkula
Updated on 11-May-2023 12:13:29


Introduction to Industrial Waste Due to urbanization and rapid advancements in the industrialization, it has led to an increase in the production and consumption processes resulting in the generation of wastes. These waste are the unwanted and unusable matter that is discarded after its use for main purpose. Over the years, the waste gets accumulated and causes a lot of impact on the environment and health of an individual. Treatment of waste and its management is generally intended to reduce the effect of waste for mankind. Based on the physical state of material wastes are mainly classified into different types ... Read More

Production of Fine Chemicals for the Pharmaceutical Industry Using Microbes

Anusha Karthik
Updated on 12-Apr-2023 14:37:10


Introduction Fine chemicals are complex, highly purified compounds used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of drugs, cosmetics, and food additives. The demand for fine chemicals has been steadily increasing over the years, owing to their crucial role in the manufacturing of high-quality pharmaceuticals. The production of fine chemicals through traditional chemical synthesis can be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming, leading to an increasing focus on alternative and more sustainable production methods. One of the most promising methods of producing fine chemicals is microbial fermentation. Microbial fermentation has been used for centuries in the production of various fermented foods and ... Read More

Liquor - A Distilled Beverage

Anusha Karthik
Updated on 12-Apr-2023 12:55:08


Introduction Liquor, also known as distilled spirits, is an alcoholic beverage made by distilling fermented grains, fruits, or vegetables. The distillation process removes impurities and increases the alcohol content of the original liquid. Liquor has been consumed for centuries and is a popular beverage around the world. Discussed below is the definition of liquor, its production process, and the various types of liquor available. Definition Liquor is an alcoholic beverage that is distilled from fermented grains, fruits, or vegetables. It typically has a higher alcohol content than beer or wine, ranging from 30% to 50% alcohol by volume (ABV). ... Read More

Biotransformation - Introduction Types Advantages and Disadvantages

Anusha Karthik
Updated on 12-Apr-2023 11:50:19

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Introduction Biotransformation, also known as biocatalysts or enzyme-catalyzed transformation, is the process of using biological catalysts to modify chemical compounds. This technology has become increasingly important in recent years as a means of producing a wide range of chemical compounds, including pharmaceuticals, flavors, fragrances, and other high-value compounds. Types of Biotransformation Biotransformation can be divided into two main categories: enzymatic and microbial. Enzymatic Biotransformation Enzymatic biotransformation involves the use of purified enzymes to catalyze chemical reactions. These enzymes can be isolated from a variety of sources, including plants, animals, and microorganisms. One example of enzymatic biotransformation is the production of ... Read More