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Difference between DLP(Digital Light Processing) and LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) projectors.

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 07-Dec-2022 05:45:01
A projector is a visual display unit that is used to project pictures and films onto a screen. Depending on the technology used, several types of projectors available such as LCD projector, LED projector, DLP projector, 4K Projector, Laser projector, etc. In this article, we will discuss about DLP and LCD projectors, and how they are different from each other. The basic difference between the two is that DLP projectors use a series of mirrors placed on a microchip that act as pixels, whereas LCD projectors use liquid crystals placed between two transparent electrodes and two polarizing filters. What is ... Read More

What is a Computer language?

Arnab Chakraborty
Updated on 04-Oct-2019 11:09:46
To communicate with the computers, we need some languages. These are computer languages.There are mainly three different languages with the help of which we can develop computer programs. And they are –Machine Level languageAssembly Level Language andHigh Level LanguageMachine Level LanguageComputer can understand only the language of Digital Electronics. Digital Electronics deals with presence and absence of voltages. Within the computer there are two logics can play their role. These logics are –Positive Logic – Here presence of voltage will be denoted by 1 and absence of voltage will be denoted by 0Negative Logic – Here presence of voltage will be ... Read More

Why is that Air Conditioners consume so much electricity?

Manasa K
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25
It is a common complaint that electricity bills are at soaring high due to the consumption of so much electricity by Air Conditioners.Here are the top 5 reasons, which result in huge electricity bills.Dust in Air Filter: This has to be cleaned periodically as the dirty air filter can lead to overheating of motor and compressor.Leaks in the ducts: Leaks in the ducts make the thermostat work for a longer time which will increase the electricity bill.A problem in the parts: If there are any problems in the parts, then the electricity bill will go up.Old System: If the AC ... Read More

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

Ankith Reddy
Updated on 30-Jun-2020 10:56:34
Light can be obtained from various sources like candles, lamp and sunrays etc. Light bulb had invented by Thomas Edison in 1879. An electric current is passed through a filament inside bulb, it gets heated up and emits light when sufficient current is passed through the filament. That means it converts electrical energy into heat energy in the bulb. Where in Light Emitting Diodes (LED), electronic electrical energy can directly converted into light energy.Light is a energy which is released by atoms. Particles of light are photons which have no mass. Atoms are basic building blocks which are made of small ... Read More

Bipolar Junction Transistor

George John
Updated on 30-Jun-2020 10:57:50
A Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) is a three terminal circuit or device that amplifies flow of current. It is solid state device that flows current in two terminals, i.e., collector and emitter and controlled by third device known as terminal or base terminal. Unlike a normal p-n junction diode, this transistor has two p-n junctions. The basic symbols of BJT are n-type and p-type. Electronic current is conducted by both free electrons and holes in bipolar junction transistor.Terminals of Bipolar Junction TransistorsThere are three terminals in bipolar junction transistors are explained below.Emitter − It supplies charge carriers. It is highly ... Read More

Digital Integrated Circuits

Chandu yadav
Updated on 30-Jun-2020 10:58:25
A microprocessor is digital is a digital circuit which is built using a combination logic functions. The microprocessor package contains an integrated circuit.Integrated CircuitAn integrated circuit is electronic circuit or device that has electronic components on a small semiconductor chip. It has functionality of logic AND or amplifying of a signal. These are mainly two types of circuits: Digital or Analog. Analog ICs handle continuous signals such as audio signals and Digital ICs handle discrete signals such as binary values.Types of Integrated CircuitsThere are different types of integrated circuits based various criteria. Based on intended application, the Integrated Circuit (IC) ... Read More

Which is better front loading or top loading washing machine?

Tejas Charukula
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
When it comes to buying a washing machine, many people get this doubt -- "Which is better, a front-loading machine or a top loading washing machine?"I will discuss the advantages of both and leave it for you to decide which one suits your requirements.Front load machinesThey use less water comparatively than top loading machines, and they accommodate more clothes than a top load machine because usually, the drum of front load machine is larger.Cycle time is more and washing is also done more efficiently and delicately. Wear and tear of clothes will be less.Top load machinesTop load machines have the ... Read More

What are the latest electronic home decor devices used these days?

Ridhi Arora
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
Home is where the heart is! And one feels like calling a house as a home if the home is well decorated or is made attractive using flowers or fragrances that please the senses. But, gone are the days when only flowers or bonsai plants could decorate home. The latest trend is the use of electronic devices for home decor.Some of them areClocks: Clocks were used earlier just to note the time. But, these have actually become a luxury symbol now. Not only the brand makes it look costly, but also the design. The other day, I went to a ... Read More

What are the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones?

Knowledge base
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
Smartphones are the friendly gadgets which have made everything reachable through a touch. They have occupied such a huge place in our daily lives that it is no wonder that for most of us, a smartphone is the first thing we look at in the morning and it is the last thing we see before going to bed.Now, there will certainly be some advantages and a few disadvantages while using any electronic gadget. Let’s observe them:AdvantagesKeep your loved ones in touch, either through calls, text or images, .which express the feeling in a sweet and amusing way.You may know where ... Read More

What is meant by a 360-degree selfie?

Knowledge base
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
A 360-degree photo is which clicks the panoramic view of the whole image that surrounds the place from which the image was taken. These pictures deliver a virtual reality experience that enables the viewer to take a whole look surrounding the entire place shot. The image can be scrolled or swiped up, down, left and right to view the surroundings. It looks something like this:Wide UsageThe 360-degree spherical images are revolutionizing the way pictures are taken. These images are sure to bring a great change in film production, tourism, and wedding celebrations etc. where the audience will have a virtual ... Read More