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Fabric Cutting Using Computer-Guided Knives or High-Intensity Lasers

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 15:29:30
Fabric cutting using computer-guided knives or high-intensity lasers is a modern method of cutting fabric that offers precision, efficiency, and reduced waste compared to traditional cutting methods. This process uses computer software and advanced cutting technology to precisely cut fabric to the desired shape and size. The use of computer-guided knives or lasers ensures consistent and accurate cuts, making it ideal for mass production and high-volume projects. What is Fabric Cutting with Computer-Guided Knives or High-Intensity Lasers? Fabric cutting with computer-guided knives or high-intensity lasers is a method of precisely cutting fabric to the desired shape and size using ... Read More

Value Chain & Service Value Network in Fashion Market: Case of Zara

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 15:03:05
The term "value chain" refers to the series of activities involved in creating and delivering a product or service to the customer. In the case of Zara, a fashion retailer, the value chain activities would include design and concept development, raw material sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales, and customer service. A "service value network" would refer to the interconnected set of organizations, people, and activities involved in delivering a service. For Zara, the service value network would include not only the value chain activities listed above but also the suppliers, partners, and stakeholders involved in delivering the fashion experience ... Read More

Useful Tools for Policymakers to Support the Performance of the Fashion Industry

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 14:56:12
Policymakers can support the fashion industry by utilizing various tools, such as tax incentives for businesses, funding for research and development, and investments in education and training programs. Additionally, creating a favourable trade environment through free trade agreements and reducing import tariffs can help fashion companies succeed globally. Moreover, promoting sustainability through regulations and incentivizing environmentally friendly practices can improve the industry's reputation and competitiveness. Intellectual Tools Policymakers play a crucial role in supporting and promoting the growth and competitiveness of the fashion industry. Here are some useful tools that policymakers can utilize to support the performance of the ... Read More

Why "Unsexy" Tech Will Be a Priority in 2023?

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 15:23:27
In 2023, "unsexy" tech is expected to be a priority, as these technologies often address fundamental business needs and provide tangible operational improvements and cost savings. Examples of "unsexy" tech include areas like data management, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and supply chain optimization. With companies becoming more data-driven and reliant on technology, the need for solid and reliable technical foundations will become increasingly important. Additionally, companies will look for ways to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. What Is "Unsexy" Tech? "Unsexy" tech refers to technological solutions that are not glamorous or attention-grabbing but are critical for the smooth ... Read More

Why is Fashion Taking Video Games Seriously?

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 15:17:20
The fashion industry is taking video games seriously due to their growing popularity and the potential for virtual sales, collaborations, and influencer marketing. The opportunity to reach a new and engaged audience, customise avatars, and express personal style has created a demand for fashionable virtual clothing and accessories. The gaming industry is worth billions of dollars, and the rise of e-commerce has opened up a new revenue stream for the fashion industry. Explanation The fashion industry has started to take video games seriously due to several reasons Growing Audience − Video games have become increasingly popular over ... Read More

Use of Balanced Scorecard & Analytic Network Process in Fashion Industry

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 14:50:10
The BSC provides a comprehensive framework for measuring organizational performance by considering financial, customer, internal processes, and learning and growth perspectives. ANP, on the other hand, is a multi-criteria decision-making method that helps organizations prioritize objectives and make informed decisions by considering the interdependencies and trade-offs between different objectives. By using these tools, organizations in the fashion industry can gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and make data-driven decisions to drive innovation and achieve long-term success. Balanced Scorecard (BSC) It can be understood under the following sub-headings Uses − The BSC can be used to ... Read More

RFID's Potential in the Fashion Industry

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 14:34:06
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology has the potential to revolutionise the fashion industry by improving supply chain management, inventory control, and consumer shopping experiences. RFID tags embedded in clothing items can provide real-time information about product location, tracking, and history, enabling retailers to make informed decisions about stock levels and sales. Additionally, RFID can enhance the in-store shopping experience for customers, allowing for faster and more convenient checkout, personalization, and the ability to access product information instantly. What is RFID? Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that uses radio waves to communicate between a reader and an electronic tag attached ... Read More

Popular Fashion Magazines

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 14:28:01
Fashion magazines are publications that cover the latest trends and styles in the fashion industry. They feature articles, photo spreads, and editorials showcasing the newest clothing, accessories, and beauty products. They aim to inform and inspire readers about the world of fashion and help them stay up-to-date with the latest looks and styles. Some popular examples include Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle. The Top Eight Fashion Magazines  Following are some of the top fashion magazines Vogue Fashion Magazine Vogue is a high-end fashion magazine that is widely recognized as one of the most influential and iconic publications in the fashion ... Read More

Media And Marketing in Fashion Industry

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 14:04:58
Media and marketing play a crucial role in the fashion industry by creating awareness, promoting brands and influencing consumer behavior. Effective communication strategies and the use of various media channels, such as social media, advertising, and public relations, help shape public perception and drive sales in the fashion market. Key Elements of Media and Marketing in Fashion Industry The key elements of media and marketing in the fashion industry are Brand Awareness − Building recognition and awareness of a fashion brand through advertising, public relations, and other marketing efforts. Communication Strategy − Developing a cohesive and consistent ... Read More

Main Seasons of Fashion Week

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 13:56:36
Fashion Week is a series of events held twice a year in major fashion capitals around the world, showcasing the latest collections and designs of leading fashion designers. The main seasons of Fashion Week are spring/summer and fall/winter, with events attended by top fashion industry professionals and widely covered by the media. These events provide an opportunity for designers to showcase their latest trends and set the tone for upcoming fashion. What is a Fashion Week? Fashion Week is a series of events held twice a year in major fashion capitals around the world. These events showcase the latest collections ... Read More