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Why do people donate for social causes?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24


IntroductionSocial causes are basically different types of social issues or problems faced by people living in a country. In India, we have a number of pressing issues that engulf the lives of people in different sections of the society. These problems are often complex and a number of factors are associated with them which make it difficult to resolve the issues in a single go.Many of these social causes actually take years of government intervention for effective management. In many cases, the national, regional and local governments work together to control the problems that impact the lives of people in ... Read More

Historic Ordinances by Governor NN Vohra Against Rape Case Convicts in Jammu and Kashmir.

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24


It is a horrifying fact that there is a steep increase in the number of minor rape cases in India in the last few months. Pity is that the conviction rate in these minor rape cases is very low. The reason could be the fear of delayed court proceedings, victims turning hostile and refusing to identify the accused in the court, which is making the criminals fearless.The Governor of Jammu and Kashmir N.N.Vohra has signed a historic ordinance to curb such violence against women. The Jammu and Kashmir Protection of Children from Sexual Violence Ordinance, 2018, and the Jammu and ... Read More

Why should students read newspapers?

Rashmi Iyer
Updated on 29-Jun-2020 04:40:48


In today’s age, media plays a very important role in keeping Public informed and also in shaping the views and opinions. Thus, it is important for all the educated citizens who have access to newspapers should read it regularly. Newspapers are also economical and easily accessible.For the student community, it is of utmost importance to read newspapers daily owing to the following reasons −Newspapers are storehouses of knowledgeThere is no denial of the fact that students who read newspapers regularly have a plethora of knowledge about different topics like national and international affairs, sports events, academic, and research-based articles and ... Read More

How can an ordinary man contribute to women’s safety?

Rashmi Iyer
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 14:01:16


Wise men say that charity begins at home and there is no denial in this point. Mahatma Gandhi had once claimed – ‘Be the Change you want to see in this world’. If we wish to create a safe space for our women in all walks of life, then men have to be equal participants in creating a gender inclusive society. But the major question remains is that how one simple and ordinary man can start this bring positive change.Here are a few small steps with which men can start contributing towards women safety -A Lonely Woman Is Your Responsibility ... Read More

What is monotheism? Which religions believe in monotheism?

Rashmi Iyer
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 13:48:08


In the study of religions, there are different concepts like polytheism, monotheism, pantheism, atheism, monism and much more that comes into limelight. The concept of monotheism is deep and complex in the world of religions. Monotheism can be understood in simple terms as the faith or the religion that believes in the existence of only one God/ one supreme soul.This implies that this God is also equivalent to the creator of this world and the entire cosmic essence. Max Mueller in his study understood monotheistic religions reflected maturity in civilizations and human thoughts.Following are the religions that follow monotheism based ... Read More

Why are humans jealous of their neighbor's success?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 09-May-2022 11:30:51

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A Neighbor is one who lives nearby, the person who lives in a house or apartment next door or across the street. These are the people we see every day. Over a period of association, these neighbors also become a part of the family. When our family stays away, these are the persons who are immediately available to share our happiness or moments of crisis.So why do we feel jealous of them? Jealousy is a normal emotion which is basically created by possessiveness, insecurity and inferiority complex. Jealousy arises when you compare yourself with others and feel low. It clearly ... Read More

If you got a chance to slap someone, then whom do you slap and why?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 06:20:21


If I get a chance to slap someone, I would slap everyone who abuses a woman. A man who thinks about the woman as a plaything, and abuses and assaults a woman has to get the toughest punishment in the hands of law and justice. But to let out my anger, I would slap each and every person who thinks about a woman inappropriately.

How was money introduced into the world?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 05-May-2022 06:09:30


In the beginning, people bartered. Bartering is the exchange of goods or services for some other goods or services. The exchange items included bags of rice, wheat, cattle, sheep, pigs and so on. Barter system worked like this, take one bag of rice in exchange for one lamb.But after a few days, it has become increasingly difficult to store the goods taken in exchange and people started thinking they deserve more than these perishable goods. The selfishness to own the things by themselves and store for their kith and kin has made the man think of an alternative, and introduced ... Read More