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6 Celebrity Smile Makeovers

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 23-Mar-2023 17:40:59
Having a great smile is often essential for success in the public eye. It's even essential for celebrities. Whether it's the red carpet or an award show, celebrities need to look and feel their best. That includes flashing a dazzling smile for all the cameras. But even A-listers can become victims of bad dental hygiene, crooked teeth, discoloration and yellowing from years of smoking or drinking coffee! Fortunately, with modern advancements in cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneers and whitening treatments, celebrities are now able to give their smiles an instant makeover. We've rounded up six amazing celebrity transformation stories that ... Read More

13 Celebrities Who Have Multiple Sclerosis

Subhashini Pothukuchi
Updated on 24-Feb-2023 16:26:22
Introduction Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord, involving damage to the nerve cells and immobilizing muscular coordination, numbness, and blurred vision. Multiple sclerosis outbreaks the immune system and damages the defensive sheath called myelin which protects nerve fibers. When this sheet gets damaged it breaks the communication between the brain and other body parts. In the course of time, the disease can potentially progress and cause permanent damage to the nervous system. There is no specific cure discovered for multiple sclerosis still, there are treatments available based on the severity of the ... Read More

16 Celebrities Who Don't Drink Alcohol

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 14:45:09
Even though everyone has had one too many drinks (or whatever it is) during Thursday night's happy hour, many people, including some of our favorite celebrities, have decided not to drink. It's hard to imagine a glitzy Hollywood party without champagne, but these celebrities have shown that you can still have fun without drinking. Some celebrities have chosen not to drink for health concerns or other reasons. Find these 16 Celebrities That Don’t Drink Alcohol Listed below are 16 celebrities that avoid being boozy − Leona Lewis Leona Lewis, a British singer and model won the X Factor in ... Read More

How Celebrity Chef Sunny Anderson Handles Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms?

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 22:41:09
Sunny Anderson's aversion to veggies has nothing to do with her preference for other foods. The Food Network personality admitted that she had developed ulcerative Colitis, a chronic condition that damages the large intestine and prevents proper nutrition absorption, for the past 20 years. Greens, along with other vegetables and fruits, might bring on an attack. After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 39, Anderson joined forces with the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America to spread education about the condition and create helpful recipes. Ulcerative Colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) affecting the large intestine ... Read More

12 Famous People with Bipolar Disorder

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 01-Feb-2023 18:32:08
It is a mental disorder that manifests as episodes of extreme joy or depression. The combination of genetics, the environment, and changes in the brain's structure and chemical composition could all contribute to developing bipolar disease. However, the reason is still unknown. The signs of a manic episode could include excess, the environment and changes in the brain's chemical structure, saving energy, a decrease in the need to sleep, and an inability to connect with reality. People suffering from depression may feel depressed, irritable, and bored with their routines. Suicidal thoughts can result from mood disorders that last a few ... Read More

5 Things Selena Gomez's Battle with Lupus Taught about Autoimmune Disease

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 01-Feb-2023 18:14:52
Lupus is an autoimmune condition when the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy organs and tissues (autoimmune disorder). Lupus-related inflammation affects various organs and tissues, including skin and joints, blood vessels, and kidneys, to the brain, heart, and lungs. Lupus can be difficult to identify because the symptoms often overlap with the symptoms of other diseases. Lupus is easily recognized by its most distinctive sign: a rash that resembles a butterfly that may spread across the face. We can learn details about its symptoms to draw attention to Lupus and what Selena Gomez said about the disease- Lupus. ... Read More