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Auto-format code in Arduino IDE

Yash Sanghvi
Updated on 23-Mar-2021 11:01:59
Formatting the code is quite important to make it readable. It is recommended that you properly format the code regularly, and especially before sharing it with someone else.Follow these steps to auto-format code in Arduino IDE −Go to ToolsClick on Auto FormatAlternatively, you can press Ctrl+T on your keyboard. This will format the code and add the correct indentations wherever required.Before Auto-FormatAfter Auto-Format

How to change the baud rate of the Serial Monitor in Arduino?

Yash Sanghvi
Updated on 23-Mar-2021 10:54:01
In order to change the baud rate of the Serial Monitor, go to Tools -> Serial Monitor (or press Ctrl+Shift+M alternatively).Make sure you have a board connected to your PC/Laptop, or the Serial Monitor won't open. Also, make sure that the Port corresponds to the connected board.Once the Serial Monitor is open, you can see the baud rate dropdown at the bottom and select the required baud rate from there.