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Screen Pinning

Shubhi Rastogi
Updated on 15-May-2023 14:42:12
Whether any person plays competitions on the phone, there is a necessary and unknown aspect present within a phone that is called screen pinning. Whether they can be a gamer or they play lots of competitions then this aspect is so valuable to the users. Not for competitions, there are additional features for which this aspect is utilized. This is so helpful for the tool, whether the person is an IT manager viewing to get the user’s business tools rides a solitary application. Screen pinning can be a piece of Android tool that allows only displaying an exact application monitor. ... Read More

Symmetric Encryption Cryptography in Java

Siva Sai
Updated on 15-May-2023 15:45:35
Introduction Symmetric encryption, also known as secret-key encryption, is a type of encryption where the same key is used for encryption and decryption. This encryption method is fast and efficient, making it suitable for encrypting large amounts of data. The most commonly used symmetric encryption algorithm is the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Java provides strong support for symmetric encryption with the javax.crypto package, which includes classes such as SecretKey, Cipher, and KeyGenerator. Symmetric Encryption in Java Java's Cipher class in the javax.crypto package provides the functionality of a cryptographic cipher for encryption and decryption. It forms the core of the ... Read More

What is the difference between START_STICKY and START_NOT_STICKY while implementing

Vaibhav Ahire
Updated on 09-May-2023 17:17:49
Introduction Here are some of the steps to implement services in android Create a Service class: The first step is to create a Service class that extends the class. This class will define the behavior of the service. Start the service: You need to call startService() method with an Intent that identifies the service you want to start. You can do this with the help of BroadcastReceiver or Activity. Stop the Service: You need to call stopService() method with an Intent that identifies the Service you want to stop. You can also call the stopSelf() method within the ... Read More

Difference between getDefaultSharedPreferences and getSharedPreferences in Android

Vaibhav Ahire
Updated on 09-May-2023 17:15:53
What is Sharedpreferences in Android ? SharedPreferences is an interface in the Android framework that allows you to save and retrieve key-value pairs of primitive data types. SharedPreferences is the way in which Android stores user preferences, such as which theme a user has selected, or whether or not sound should be enabled. This data is stored in an XML file, and can be accessed by multiple activities in an app. Storing Data at Activity Level While developing an Android application if you want to store / access data at activity level then you can use getPreferences. The main difference ... Read More

Difference between compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion

Vaibhav Ahire
Updated on 09-May-2023 17:14:26
Introduction An SDK (Software Development Kit) provides a set of tools such as libraries, tools and API to the developer for building the application for a specific platform. The SDK Version refers to the version of android platform that an app is built against. Each Version of the Android SDK corresponds to a specific version of the Android operating System. For Example Android 11 has an SDK version of 30, while Android 10 has an SDK version of 29 and so on. When developing an Android app, it's essential to understand the difference between compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion. These two terms ... Read More

Difference between a View's margin and padding in Android

Vaibhav Ahire
Updated on 09-May-2023 17:13:13
Introduction Padding and margin are two of the most important attributes used to manage the positioning of the views to be displayed within the android application. Both of this attributes are used to change the position of a view but there are some differences between them. In this article we will take a look at What is the difference between a View’s margin and a padding in Android ? What is padding in android ? Padding is a space which is present between the content which we have to display and the border of that content. Padding is used to ... Read More

Difference between Android Activity Context and Application Context

Vaibhav Ahire
Updated on 09-May-2023 17:06:43
What is Context? A Context gives us information about the current state of an application. It allows us to interact with Android Components. It allows us to access files and other resources such as pictures, Activities, Fragments and Services. The Context Class provides access to several resources and services that are needed to build an Android application including − Resources − The resources such as layouts, images and strings which are stored in resource objects are accessed through the Context. System Services − It provides access to system services such as Power Manger, Notification Manager and Location ... Read More

What does @hide mean in the Android source code?

Vaibhav Ahire
Updated on 09-May-2023 16:41:30
What is the meaning of the keyword ? Keywords are the unique words which are present in android source code to add a specific action for a function within an android application. Keywords are already defined with a certain set of actions to it. When we add a keyword in front of any function it will help to specify the action to it. There are different types of keywords used within android source code such as @hide, @findViewByID, public, private, @hide and many more. In this article we will specifically take a look at the @hide keyword within our android ... Read More

Vertical Scrollview in Android

Vaibhav Ahire
Updated on 09-May-2023 16:39:19
Introduction Android provides various UI components which we can use to create different UI components within our android application such as image view, text view and many more. Among this UI component a vertical scroll view is a powerful UI component which is used to create dynamic and interactive applications. A vertical scroll view is a view group which is used to display large amounts of data within a single view. It allows users to scroll vertically through the list of items while providing the ability to interact with individual items within the list. In this article we will take ... Read More

Strikethrough Text in Android

Vaibhav Ahire
Updated on 09-May-2023 16:25:25
Introduction In many android applications we can get to see that a text view is being striked through a line on it. We can get to see this type of text view in most of the ecommerce applications where the original price of the product is striked through with the discounted price. In this article we will take a look at adding a Strikethrough on our text view in Android. Implementation We will be creating a simple application in which we will be creating a text view in which we will be displaying the heading of our application. After that ... Read More
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