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AngularJS Alternatives

Shirjeel Yunus
Updated on 27-Nov-2023 11:36:17


What is AngularJS? AngularJS is a JavaScript framework which can be used to make different types of web applications. The platform is free to use and users have the opportunity to make changes in the framework and share the applications. Misko Havery was the person who developed the framework and launched it in 2009. Later on, Google purchased the app and took the responsibility of managing, developing, and maintaining the platform. Price Plans of AngularJS AngularJS is available for free and can be used by anybody. Why AngularJS alternatives? JavaScript is necessary to use the framework People having no ... Read More

How to Filter an Array based on the user input in AngularJS ?

Aman Gupta
Updated on 13-Oct-2023 11:00:32


Overview An array can be a collection of anything but should be of the same data type. We can store any digit and text of the array, so to filter the data from an array using the AngularJs can be achieved by some key value attributes pair. The filter rule plays a key role to create this feature, there are also some AngularJs attributes that play a major role to build this feature these are: ng−model and ng−repeat. The ng−model attribute defines the input type text search box to connect with the ordered list and filter it out an array. ... Read More

How to Count Array Items in Angular JS?

Updated on 18-Aug-2023 17:08:39


A well−liked JavaScript framework for creating dynamic web apps is AngularJS. It offers a variety of helpful array−related tools, such as ways to measure the number of items in an array. In this article, we'll look into using AngularJS to count the number of items in an array. Method 1: Using the length property Using the built−in length property is the quickest and most popular method to count the number of items in an array in AngularJS. The length property gives the array's total amount of items. Algorithm Start Define an array 'myArray' and assign it to a ... Read More

How to Encode/Decode URL using AngularJS ?

Updated on 09-Aug-2023 12:20:04


Handling URLs, which are used to move between various web pages and parts, is a fundamental component of web development. Spaces, question marks, and ampersands, among other special characters, can cause problems in URLs when transmitted over the internet. For instance, certain web servers may behave unexpectedly if a URL contains a space, supposing it to be a separate command or argument. AngularJS is a popular JavaScript framework used for building single−page applications. It provides several built−in methods for URL encoding and decoding, making it easy for developers to handle URLs in their applications. We will explore different methods ... Read More

How to dynamically get the content height of a div using AngularJS?

Dishebh Bhayana
Updated on 03-Aug-2023 21:06:20


In this article, we will explore how to dynamically get the content height of a HTML element using AngularJS, using its getContentHeight() function. In web development, there are often situations where we need to dynamically determine the height of a element based on its content. We can easily implement it with the help of AnguarlJS, a popular javascript framework, and the various utility functions provided by it. Let’s understand how to implement the above with the help of some examples. Example 1 In this example, we will add an ng-init="getContentHeight()" to the element, which calls the getContentHeight() ... Read More

How to Display Spinner on the Screen till the data from the API loads using Angular 8?

Dishebh Bhayana
Updated on 03-Aug-2023 19:17:55


In this article, we will learn how to display a spinner on the screen till the data gets loaded from an API, using Angular 8 and the HTTPClient service to fetch data from a dummy todos API. Angular 8 is a robust framework for building web applications. It offers many features that make creating dynamic and interactive user interfaces easy. Let’s use the framework and understand how to show a spinner component conditionally using an example. Prerequisites Before proceeding with the steps below, please ensure you have angular CLI installed on your systems, as we would be relying ... Read More

How to disable buttons using AngularJS?

Dishebh Bhayana
Updated on 02-Aug-2023 19:17:21


In this article, we will learn how to disable button HTML elements using angularJS with the help of the “ng-disabled” angularJS directive. Disabled buttons can be useful in cases of forms that have some validation required on some input fields. For example, a form with the name and email required should not ideally have the submit button enabled until those required fields are provided with some values. In these types of cases, we can disable and enable the button dynamically to achieve the desired outcome. Here, we will use the “ng-disabled” angular directive to disable a button. The directive accepts ... Read More

How to replace a string by another string in Angular JS?

Mohit Panchasara
Updated on 26-Jul-2023 12:57:29


Angular JS is a popular JavaScript framework that offers developers a range of useful tools for creating dynamic web applications. A common requirement in web development is to change specific words or phrases within a given text. In this tutorial, we will explain how to replace one string with another using AngularJS. We will provide clear, step-by-step instructions to accomplish this task effectively. To make it easier to understand, we will use a practical example to demonstrate the powerful features of Angular JS for string replacement. Importance of Replacing a String Before we explore the technical aspects, let's first grasp ... Read More

Difference Between String Slice and Substring Methods

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 13-Jul-2023 10:35:22


JavaScript is a dynamic and most popular programming language which can be used on both client side and server side. JavaScript is used to create interactive web pages. It has many frameworks such as React JS, Angular JS, Node JS etc., JavaScript contains many inbuilt functions to perform various tasks. There are functions that are used to manipulate the strings. Str.slice and str.substring are two of those inbuit functions that can manipulate strings. Although the functionalities of both the functions are almost similar, there are a few differences between them String.slice() Method This method returns a part of the string ... Read More

How to Delete a Row from Table using AngularJS?

Aayush Mohan Sinha
Updated on 05-May-2023 17:37:54


The act of removing a row from a table is a fundamental responsibility in maintaining the reliability of data and enriching the user experience in web applications. Although this task might appear to be intimidating, software developers can employ the influence of AngularJS to accomplish this objective without difficulty. With the utilization of AngularJS's two-way data binding and pre-installed directives, developers can devise a proficient and uncluttered process to delete a row from a table. This write-up aims to investigate the step-by-step technique of eliminating a row from a table utilizing AngularJS, examining the fundamental syntax and directives that enable ... Read More