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Age Calculator using PyQt

Priya Sharma
Updated on 16-Aug-2023 13:52:47


In today's digital age, creating user-friendly desktop applications with graphical user interfaces (GUI) has become increasingly important. Python, a versatile and popular programming language, offers a multitude of frameworks and libraries to develop powerful applications. PyQt, a Python binding for the Qt framework, is one such library that empowers developers to create robust and visually appealing desktop applications. Age calculators are commonly used tools that allow users to determine their current age based on their birthdate. By leveraging the capabilities of PyQt, we can create an intuitive and efficient age calculator application that provides a seamless user experience. Setting up ... Read More

Adding action to CheckBox using PyQt5

Priya Sharma
Updated on 14-Aug-2023 12:32:08


Graphical User Interface (GUI) frameworks provide developers with the tools and capabilities to create visually appealing and interactive applications. PyQt5, a Python binding for the Qt framework, offers a robust toolkit for building GUI applications with ease. Among the fundamental components offered by PyQt5 is the CheckBox, a widget that allows users to select or deselect an option. By adding actions to CheckBoxes, we can enhance the functionality and interactivity of our applications. This feature enables us to perform specific tasks or trigger events based on the state of the CheckBox. Whether it is enabling or disabling a feature, updating ... Read More

Fibonacci Search Visualizer using PyQt5

Updated on 10-Aug-2023 14:47:35


Sorting of lists help us in solving sort huge amount data and various mathematical and logical problems in a very less time. We can find a particular element in a sorted list easily with the help of Fibonacci search method. Here, we will create a Fibonacci Search Visualiser using a PyQt5 module in Python. Example  In this example, we have used a Fibonacci visualizer's user interface that consists of a window with a list of fibonacci numbers and display the result. The following PyQt5 widgets are used in this code: QListWidget QLineEdit QPushButton ... Read More

Developing Desktop Applications with Python and PyQt

Prince Yadav
Updated on 20-Jul-2023 17:42:12


Python and PyQt are powerful tools for developing desktop applications. In this tutorial, we will explore how to leverage these technologies to create interactive and user−friendly desktop applications. Python is a versatile and easy−to−learn programming language, while PyQt is a Python binding for the Qt framework, which provides a rich set of libraries and tools for building graphical user interfaces (GUIs). In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of building a desktop application using Python and PyQt. In this tutorial, we will cover the following steps to develop a desktop application: Setting up the Development Environment First, ... Read More

Loan Calculator using PyQt5 in Python

Siva Sai
Updated on 18-Jul-2023 18:44:28


Welcome to this thorough article on using PyQt5 in Python to build a Loan Calculator. The PyQt5 library's robust features can be used to provide a straightforward and approachable user interface for our calculator. This post will provide a thorough explanation of how to build such a calculator, along with real-world examples to help make the process more understandable. Introduction to PyQt5 Cross-platform apps can be made using PyQt5, a set of Python bindings for Qt libraries. It combines the greatest features of Python and Qt and gives developers the freedom to create code in Python while utilising the extensive ... Read More

Linear Search Visualizer using PyQt5

Siva Sai
Updated on 18-Jul-2023 14:36:17


Understanding data structures and algorithms is essential for any prospective programmer because they are the foundation of computer science. This knowledge can be considerably aided by visualising these ideas. This post will demonstrate how to use Python's PyQt5 to develop a linear search visualizer. To gain a deeper understanding, we will go in-depth with developing a PyQt5 application and animating the linear search method. Introduction to PyQt5 A complete set of Python bindings for Qt libraries called PyQt5 makes it possible to build complex and feature-rich GUI applications. PyQt5 is extremely adaptable and works with a variety of operating systems. ... Read More

Creating a Camera Application using Pyqt5

Tamoghna Das
Updated on 25-Apr-2023 16:54:54

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PyQt5 is one of the most popular GUI libraries available for Python, and it allows developers to create desktop applications with ease. In this document, we will walk through the process of creating a camera application using PyQt5. The camera application will allow the user to take photos, view them, and even save them. What are the advantages of PyQt5? PyQt5 is a Python binding for the popular cross-platform GUI toolkit, Qt. Here are some advantages of PyQt5 − Cross-platform − PyQt5 is a cross-platform toolkit, which means that applications developed with it can run on multiple platforms like ... Read More