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Guide to Linux jq Command for JSON Processing

Bamdeb Ghosh
Updated on 29-Mar-2023 13:58:48
Introduction JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a popular data format used for exchanging information between applications. It is a lightweight and easy-to-understand. To process JSON data efficiently, Linux provides a command-line tool called jq. This powerful tool enables users to extract, manipulate, and transform JSON data with ease. With jq, users can quickly perform a wide range of tasks on JSON data, including filtering, sorting, and selecting specific fields. Additionally, jq supports a variety of output formats, making it easy to integrate with other command-line tools. In this article, we will explore the jq command and its various features and ... Read More

Interesting facts about JSON

Prabhdeep Singh
Updated on 02-Mar-2023 15:10:47
JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, basically, JSON is frequently used with JavaScript, it was initially meant to be a subset of the JavaScript programming language. However, JSON is a language-independent data format. In this article, we are going to learn about JSON and also their interesting facts with examples. Introduction to JSON When data can be transported and stored in a simple format is called JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation. Arrays, objects, names and value pairs, and other data types can all be found in JSON. The format uses quotation marks, brackets, parentheses, semicolons, and colons as punctuation. ... Read More

Reading a JSON file using Swift

Nitin Aggarwal
Updated on 28-Feb-2023 13:08:43
In this article, we will see some examples of how we can read the JSON file using JSONSerialization and JSONDecoder classes. Nowadays, these classes are used in most iOS applications to work with JSON files. You can use the JSONSerialization class to read the JSON file in the Swift language. In order to read a json file, first you will require to convert it into a string or data object. After that, you can pass the string or data object to JSONSerialization class to convert it into a dictionary or array object. JSONSerialization The Foundation framework for iOS and macOS ... Read More

How to add an element to a JSON object using JavaScript?

Updated on 16-Feb-2023 15:29:18
In this article, you will understand how to add an element to a JSON object using JavaScript. JSON object literals are keys and values are separated by a colon surrounded by curly braces {}. Example 1 In this example, we add an element to a json object using bracket notation, var jsonObject = { members: { host: "hostName", viewers: { userName1: "userData1", ... Read More

Explain how to extract value using JSONPath.

Debomita Bhattacharjee
Updated on 22-Nov-2021 09:59:08
We can use JsonPath in Rest Assured to extract value. This is done with the help of the jsonPath method (which is a part of the JsonPath class). After that, we need to use the get method and pass the key that we want to obtain from the JSON Response.We shall first send a GET request via Postman on an endpoint and observe the JSON response. Here, the keys are userId, id, title, and body.ExampleCode Implementationimport org.testng.annotations.Test; import static io.restassured.RestAssured.*; import io.restassured.RestAssured; import io.restassured.http.ContentType; import io.restassured.path.json.JsonPath; import io.restassured.response.Response; public class NewTest {    @Test    void getValueJsonPath() {   ... Read More

How to return a JSON object from a Python function in Tkinter?

Sarika Singh
Updated on 23-Nov-2022 07:50:53
JavaScript Object Notation, or JSON is a simple data format that is used to exchange data between many different languages. It is simple to read for people and simple for computers to parse. Python reads JSON text as a quoted-string that contains the value in each key-value mapping. Once parsed, it is accessible in Python as a dictionary object. JSON data can be encoded and decoded using the built-in package json in Python. You must first import the json library in order to work with files of the json type. Purposeco JSON Python to JSON conversion is done using serialization. ... Read More

Flattening a JSON object in JavaScript

Updated on 22-Feb-2021 10:20:27
Suppose, we have the following JSON object that may contain nesting upto any level −const obj = {    "one": 1,    "two": {       "three": 3    },    "four": {       "five": 5,       "six": {          "seven": 7       },       "eight": 8    },    "nine": 9 };We are required to write a JavaScript function that takes in one such nested JSON object and returns a new object that contains no nesting and maps the corresponding values to the keys using the dot ... Read More

Adding a unique id for each entry in JSON object in JavaScript

Updated on 25-Nov-2020 06:46:18
Suppose, we have an array described as follows −const arr = [    {       "Arts": [          {             "Performing arts": [                {                   "Music": [                      { "title": "Accompanying" },                      { "title": "Chamber music" },                      { "title": "Church music" },         ... Read More

Build tree array from JSON in JavaScript

Updated on 24-Nov-2020 10:25:34
Suppose, we have the following array in JavaScript −const arr = [{    "code": "2",    "name": "PENDING" }, {    "code": "2.2",    "name": "PENDING CHILDREN" }, {    "code": "",    "name": "PENDING CHILDREN CHILDREN" }, {    "code": "",    "name": "PENDING CHILDREN CHILDREN02" }, {    "code": "1",    "name": "ACTIVE" }, {    "code": "1.1",    "name": "ACTIVE CHILDREN" }, {    "code": "1.1.01",    "name": "ACTIVE CHILDREN CHILDREN" }];We are required to write a JavaScript function that takes in one such array. The function should build a tree structure from this array based on ... Read More

Convert JSON array into normal json in JavaScript

Updated on 24-Nov-2020 10:16:19
Suppose, we have a JSON array with key/value pair objects like this −const arr = [{    "key": "name",    "value": "john" }, {    "key": "number",    "value": "1234" }, {    "key": "price",    "value": [{       "item": [{          "item": [{             "key": "quantity",             "value": "20"          },          {             "key": "price",             "value": "200"          }]       }] ... Read More
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