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Understanding Web Authentication behind the login screen

Updated on 28-Mar-2023 17:27:39
Web Authentication is verifying the user login details in any of the online accounts like an e-commerce website, social media, online banking services, etc. Each time when a user creates an online account in any of the web applications, a unique Id and key value will be created for future verification and these are stored in secured web servers. Authentication can also be done through other ways like matching with retina, fingerprint, and voice recognition. Consider an example of Gmail or any mail account each time during login, the user is required to enter a username or email with a ... Read More

Traditional TCP

Updated on 28-Mar-2023 17:26:56
In this article, we will understand the concept of the Traditional TCP. It is a wired network connection for communication. The Open System Interconnection (OSI) model has seven layers that include the functions of communication over any network. The OSI is considered one of the standard models for much network communication. In the Seven layers, TCP comes under the Fourth layer which is called the Transport layer. TCP/IP model was designed before the development of the OSI model. The TCP always comes along with the IP, the so-called TCP/IP. The main function of TCP/IP is transferring the data using the ... Read More

Trusted Systems in Network Security

Updated on 28-Mar-2023 17:24:16
The term “Trusted system” means that it provides the user with an assurance that no malicious or harmful software affects the computer system. Network Security plays a vital role in many organizations, to keep the data safe and secure from being attacked by cyberattacks or malware. Now Companies are using cloud storage, Wireless network, and remote application, so the challenges in protecting them are also increased. Here the Trusted systems provide Multi-layered security (MLS) for securing the networks. The trusted applications will not allow any changes in the policy. In this article, the models of network security to have trusted ... Read More

Transmission mode

Updated on 28-Mar-2023 17:22:31
Communication is defined as the transfer or sharing of data between any two individuals through a medium and the medium can be wired or wireless. In a computer network, the OSI (Open System Interconnection) model has seven layers for the communication networks. The First layer of OSI is the Physical layer that uses the Transmission mode for transferring the raw data to other devices using a physical medium. Transferring modes refer to the process of transferring data from one point to the other point or device over a particular network. The Channel between the two devices can be buses or ... Read More

Types of Network Topology

Updated on 28-Mar-2023 17:19:36
The topology means that the elements are arranged in a particular order. They are divided into two type’s namely physical and logical topology. The nodes in the network are connected physically and the information flows through the network logically. In a computer network, the node is a point that connects data from one device to another and is used to transfer and receive information. Some of the physical nodes in the network are printers, routers, and wireless base stations and they provide an overall map of the network. There are also some logical nodes like the servers that include information ... Read More

Types of Viruses

Updated on 28-Mar-2023 17:17:24
The Virus is a type of code that enters the system along with any file or programs and carries out malfunctions in the system. The virus-affected program will be a replica of the existing program. They enter the system through any file and when the file runs, parallelly the virus also runs in the background. There are many ways in which the virus gets into the system. Some of them are through mail attachments, by clicking inappropriate advertisements, and by downloading any software, or files from unauthorized websites. The main objective of viruses is to spread them along different hosts. ... Read More

Types of Internet Connection

Updated on 28-Mar-2023 17:15:06
In this article, we will discuss the various types of internet connections. The Internet provides customers to access and transfer data between users worldwide. Internet connections vary according to the area, availability, and usage. The benefits of having Internet connections help people to access any people easily and quickly. Some of the ways to connect using the internet connection are Wifi (Wireless Fidelity), Broadband, Wired, and Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL). There are huge ways to connect our local system, mobile phones, or tabs to the internet with different Internet connection types. Types of Internet Connection There are many ways to ... Read More

Trojan horse and Trap Door

Updated on 28-Mar-2023 17:12:31
A threat is designed by hijackers to change the behavior of the process. The threat can reach the system through any path to our system or any organization sever. When the attack happens, it leads to the corruption of data, the stealing of personal information, and the loss of data. The Trojan horse and trap door are some of the program threats which need to be avoided for the proper functioning of the system. So it is a great deal to protect the system from program threats. The protection of files and other resources from misusing the data is important. ... Read More

Types of Cyber Attacks

Updated on 28-Mar-2023 17:10:05
In the digital world, everybody is accessible to applications, digital systems, and software. We get the details of the things we want easily on the internet today, so it is a positive change in our lives. But compared to the positive one, we should deal with the negative thing also. And the main challenge is cyber-attacks. It has been increasing every year when people try to access vulnerable sites. The main objective of cyber-attacks is data manipulation, stealing of data, and decreasing the performance of the system. There are many types of cyber-attacks and some of them are given here. ... Read More

Top 10 Common Security Log Sources

Updated on 28-Mar-2023 17:07:24
In this article, we will see the top 10 common security log sources that are being developed and used by companies. Log Sources are a type of data source that creates an event log in an organization. The log is nothing but the records with data. An event log is a tool that has software and hardware-related information. When any security threat occurs, these logs help the security specialists to use this information in the event logs for security management. Event logs are generated in a computer system that has the stuff for identifying the bugs, risks, or threats. Every ... Read More