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Tailwind CSS Vs Bootstrap

Riya Kumari
Updated on 20-Feb-2023 11:57:16
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a stylesheet language used to style the HTML elements in a webpage. CSS framework is a library which enables the developers to design more standard-compliant websites using CSS in an easier way. These libraries are ready-to-use so there is no need of writing the long and monotonous CSS codes. Instead of starting your every project from zero, a CSS framework offers you tools which can quickly make a user interface that can be repeated more than once during the whole project. In this article, we will discuss about the two popular CSS frameworks- Tailwind ... Read More

How to align two navbars in bootstrap?

Diksha Patro
Updated on 17-Feb-2023 11:15:34
Introduction A well-liked front-end framework for creating websites and applications is called Bootstrap. The grid system in Bootstrap can be used to align two navigation bars (navbars). To align the two navbars in Bootstrap, use the ml-auto class on the second navbar and the’ justify-content-between’ type on the parent container of the two navbars. To position, the second navbar to the right of the parent container instead, use the 'float-right' class on the navbar. Approaches The following are some typical methods for aligning two navbars in bootstrap − Using the 'container' class on the parent container of the ... Read More

How to align pagination in bootstrap 4?

Diksha Patro
Updated on 17-Feb-2023 11:01:11
A well-liked front-end programming framework for creating responsive, mobile-first websites is Bootstrap 4. It offers a variety of CSS and JavaScript elements, like navigation bars, forms, buttons, modals, and more, that may be used to quickly build websites with a contemporary, polished appearance. Pagination alignment in Bootstrap 4 refers to how a web page's pagination component is positioned. Pagination is typically centered, but the. justify-content-* classes allow for left or right alignment. Approaches There are multiple possible methods for pagination alignment in Bootstrap 4 − Using the .justify-content-* classes Using the text-* classes Let us look at ... Read More

How to Align Navbar Items to Center using Bootstrap 4?

Diksha Patro
Updated on 17-Feb-2023 15:58:52
Bootstrap 4 is a popular CSS framework that helps developers create responsive, mobilefirst websites quickly and easily. One of the most common design elements in a website is the navigation bar or navbar. In this article, we will discuss how to align the items in a navbar to the center using Bootstrap 4. Approaches There are a few different ways to align the items in a navbar to the center using Bootstrap 4. The two approaches that we will be discussing in this article are − Using Built-in Bootstrap 4 Classes Using CSS to override the default alignment ... Read More

How to create a chart using bootstrap?

Shubham Vora
Updated on 16-Feb-2023 14:57:45
The chart is very important to visualize the data, and we can show the data in various formats and analyze the pattern in the data. Also, the chart is more important for data scientists as they need to analyze the various data. Bootstrap is a library that allows us to draw various charts using JavaScript or JQuery. It contains the functions that we need to import and pass chart type and chart data as an argument of the function, and it will prepare a chart for us. This tutorial will teach us to draw various chart patterns using Bootstrap. Syntax ... Read More

How to add an active class on click event in a custom list group in Bootstrap?

Updated on 06-Feb-2023 11:48:16
We can add an active class to a custom list group item in Bootstrap 4 by using JavaScript or jQuery. This can be achieved by adding an onclick event to each list group item and then using the "addClass" method to add the active class to the item that was clicked. By doing this, we can easily create a custom list group with an active state that changes based on user interaction. Bootstrap Intro Bootstrap is a popular open-source front-end development framework. It helps to create responsive and mobile-first webpages by providing a set of pre-designed CSS and JavaScript ... Read More

How to add image before optgroup label using Bootstrap?

Diksha Patro
Updated on 31-Jan-2023 16:01:36
Introduction When building web pages using Bootstrap, it may be useful to add an image before the label of an optgroup element. This can help to visually group options within a select element and make the page more user-friendly. In this article, we will discuss adding an image before the label of an optgroup element using Bootstrap. What is an optgroup? An optgroup is an HTML element that groups related options within a select element. The optgroup element creates a label for the group of options, and the options within the optgroup are indented and visually grouped together. Syntax ... Read More

Difference between CSS Grid and Bootstrap

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 21-Jul-2022 12:06:20
The majority of the time, we will use CSS Grid in situations where we have strict requirements for the layout and want our content to flow on the page in accordance with those requirements.Bootstrap's grid system is based on the CSS Flexbox layout system, while the CSS Grid was influenced by print-based id. Bootstrap is a direct competitor to CSS Grid, and a significant comparison can be made between the two frameworks' respective grid layout systems.If we want to have control over the layout in either the row or column direction, then we should use the Flexbox-based grid that Bootstrap ... Read More

Responsive Video or Slideshow Embeds in Bootstrap with Examples

Prateek Jangid
Updated on 26-Nov-2021 07:07:31
Bootstrap is a free open source and is one of the most famous HTML, CSS, and Javascript frameworks. It's used for user interfaces and themes that create what a user sees in a website or application, and it's utilized on the client rather than the server.Responsive web applications automatically adapt to various screen sizes. It is used to create responsive mobile-first web apps and websites; mobile-first refers to designing for smaller displays first and then scaling up to bigger ones. As a result, you won't have to worry about your app not working on different devices or with different screen ... Read More

Responsive Images in Bootstrap with Examples

Prateek Jangid
Updated on 26-Nov-2021 07:01:07
Bootstrap is a front-end framework meaning that it’s used on the client, not the server, and it’s specifically used for user interfaces and themes that design what the user sees in a website or application.It included bits of code and HTML, CSS, and also javascript. It is used for building responsive mobile-first web applications and websites; mobile-first means it refers to design for smaller screens first and then working and then working up to the larger screens.In Bootstrap, we have different classes for making the other appearances of images and making them responsive to scale according to their parent class.Let’s ... Read More