Top 10 Benefits of learning DevOps

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 11:16:47
It's crucial to know what DevOps is before you can comprehend why you should study it. Software development is connected to DevOps. Here, the operations team and the development team work together to streamline the software development process. What is DevOps? DevOps is a methodology in which the operations department or function (Ops) and the development team (Dev) work together across all phases of the software development process. These include the creation, testing, deployment, and maintenance of products. DevOps offers the same quality assurance checks and standards as the aforementioned techniques should, which is why it's sometimes considered an outgrowth ... Read More

3-Layer of IOT architecture?

Updated on 14-Dec-2022 11:15:26
IOT represents the Internet of Things. It is a network of physical objects or people known as "things" that are installed with applications, electronics, networks, and sensors that enable these objects to collect and exchange information. The objective of IOT is to extend to web connectivity from standard devices such as computers, mobile, tablets to associatively dumb devices like a toaster.Components of IOTThere are various components of IOT which are as follows −Sensors/DevicesSensors or devices are a component that supports us to collect live information from the surrounding environment. All this information can have several levels of complexities. It can ... Read More

Get Ready for DevOps Revolution

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 11:14:07
If you've ever worked in the software industry, you've probably heard of the DevOps phenomena. And if you've never worked in the field of technology, you've definitely been wondering what this word means every time you see or hear it. A group of Agile advocates in Belgium initially proposed the idea of DevOps in 2009. The phrase "DevOps" was first used by Patrick Debois, who is frequently referred to as "the father of DevOps." When intellectuals came together via conferences, lectures, and Twitter arguments, the approach was finally developed as an amalgam of several techniques, including Operations Management, Agile, Lean, ... Read More

Everything you need to know about DataOps

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 11:12:25
In the field of software and application development, DevOps has received a lot of attention. However, have you heard of DataOps? You're in luck if you don't know what DataOps is since we're about to delve into it and explain why it's so important in today's development environment. What is DataOps? The term "DataOps" (short for "data operations") refers to an approach that brings together DevOps teams, data scientists, and data engineers to provide speed and agility to the whole pipeline process, from data collection through delivery. Lean manufacturing, DevOps, and the Agile methodology are all combined here. DataOps offers ... Read More

Difference Between DevOps, DevSecOps, and SRE?

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 11:06:14
Organizations that struggle to extend their technological operations and procedures across various sites gave rise to techniques like DevSecOps, DevOps, SRE, Cloud, and many more. However, managing infrastructure changes and infrastructure connected to development is frequently difficult. Infrastructure-as-code, or API administration, is used in this method to facilitate simple application deployment, configuration updates, and scalability. Let’s learn about What is DevOps? DevOps is a method of software development that places a strong emphasis on collaboration, teamwork, and integration between programmers and IT professionals. To benefit the business and to streamline the process, operational employees and developers work collaboratively. deploying ... Read More

DevOps Engineer: Job Description and Roles

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 11:04:20
Maintaining and enhancing communication between the operational and developmental sides of the software development process is the responsibility of a DevOps engineer, or Development Operations Engineer. Launching product updates, identifying problems in the manufacturing process, and creating integrations that enhance user experience are some of DevOps engineer’s primary responsibilities. Who is a DevOps Engineer? A DevOps engineer is in charge of ensuring that a business' IT infrastructure runs efficiently. To deploy and manage code updates, they collaborate with developers. They also work closely with operations employees to keep systems operational. A DevOps engineer needs a solid technical foundation and in-depth ... Read More

Which are the Top 10 best CI/CD Tools Used by Programmers Today?

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 11:00:51
Maintaining current knowledge of the newest tools and technologies is crucial for programmers. To automate your workflow and guarantee high-quality code, you must use CI/CD solutions. In this article, top ten CI/CD technologies used by programmers are listed and explained why one should become familiar with them by 2022. Discover the newest CI/CD tools to stay on top of the game! Introduction The techniques of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), which hasten the supply of software-as-a-product, aid businesses in becoming more agile. The software development process is automated using CI/CD, which cuts the time to market from weeks ... Read More

C++ Program to Initializing a Dictionary

Arnab Chakraborty
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 10:26:04
C++ does not have dictionaries by the same name as it is in python, but it has the same data structure having similar capabilities. C++ has support for maps, which is available in the STL class std::map. A map object contains a pair of values in each entry, one is a key value and the other one is the mapped value. The key value is used to search and uniquely identify an entry in the map. Whereas the mapped value is not always unique, the key value has to be always unique in a map. Let’s take a look at ... Read More

Commercial Law: Meaning and Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 10:24:27
In a broader sense, "law" means any rule of action. In a legal sense, law means those rules, standards, and principles governing and regulating social conduct that are recognized and enforced in a court of law. It regulates the actions of persons with respect to one another and with respect to the entire social group. Similarly, commercial activities are the professional relationships that people practice with the transactions of products, services, and money. And, to deal with such commercial transactions, commercial law is legislated. What is the Meaning of Commercial Law? Commercial law is a set of rules that regulates ... Read More

Classification of Law

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 10:14:15
Classification is an ancient concept. The Roman jurists were the ones who originally classified things. Also established by the ancient Hindu jurists were the 18 titles or heads of "Vyavahara" civil law. Criminal law is differentiated from civil law and is classified under various headings. The classification of law has two limitations. Any classification will only have a relative value, and no overarching principles or guidelines can be established for it. Old rules changed over time in terms of their nature and the context in which they were used, and new rules based on new principles came into being. A ... Read More