Organizational Architecture

While constructing a provocative proposition, the main task is to evaluate how an organization would look like if we were to design and optimise evaluator-client relationships. We have to start with considering an organization’s architecture, i.e., the technical and the social elements that constitute to form the organization.

Organizational Architecture

The aim here is to ensure that the organization and its design have been looked at systematically. This is done to ensure that all the factors affecting the evaluator-client relation have been taken into consideration.


  • Whom do we consider as our customers?
  • What kind of people will be our customers?
  • What other businesses are we going to be in?
  • How much value do we provide our customers?
  • What is the nature of the business that we are in?
  • What forces in environment affect us in the present and future?


  • What skills are required by people to work within the organization?
  • How to identify these skills within experienced employees?
  • How to develop these skills within newer employees?


  • What are the behaviors and values that are rewarded, motivated and promoted within the organization?

  • How do people behave with each other?

  • To be more specific, how is the interaction between the leadership, management and employees carried out?


  • How do people get rewards and recognition for their efforts within the organization?

  • What are the behaviours that get reinforcements in the form of rewards, compensations and recognition in technical areas?


In what way do you take care of the everyday needs, whether short-term or long-term needs of the organization?