Appreciative Inquiry - The Destiny Phase

This is the last stage of the 4D cycle of Appreciative Inquiry. It comprises of the exercises, operations, experiment, agreements, and changes that have been designed or executed along with others. The central idea here is to experiment and to learn.

Usually, for an Appreciative approach, the future is built on successes of the past and sources of energy and motivation. The bulk of the work done after Appreciative Inquiry is by someone who is good at his job, and also enjoys while doing it, with a desire to learn. The implementation of an Action Plan begins with the first step, which is to realize the future and it signifies that it is already the beginning of the future.


At this stage of the process, it is crucial to have other people’s support, especially that of your team. It is important for the stakeholders to rely on their partners. They may be someone of their own environment, a coworker, a superior, etc. It is important for the person to have a clear vision in his mind.