Android SDK and its Components


Android SDK(Software Development Kit) is a set of development tools which is required when building any android application.

Android SDK consists of several components within it such as −

  • SDK Platforms.

  • SDK Tools.

  • SDK Update Sites.

  • Android Emulator.

In this article, we will take a look at What is Android SDK and what are the different components which are present in the Android SDK.

Android SDK

It is a collection of software development tools and libraries which are required for building any android application in any IDE whether it may be android studio, eclipse or any other. When Google releases any new features in a specific android version or releases a new version for android then they also release a new SDK version for it which consist of that updated features within it. These SDK tools are essential for developing any android application. Android SDK can be installed in any system whether it may be windows, Mac OS or Linux.

Components of Android SDK

SDK Platform

Whenever a newer version of android is released such as Android 9,10 or it may be also called as Android Oreo, Android Marshmallow or others. New SDK platform tools are also available to download in SDK Platform tools. Each SDK platform tools package consists of android platform and sources pertaining to an API level by default. The latest package of SDK Platform tools comes with the latest updates related to android such as Android Tiramisu comes with updated clipboard manager and we can also get to see other updated features in the latest SDK Platform tools.

SDK Tools

SDK tools is a package of many essential tools which are required for development of any android application. SDK tools consist of several different components such as Android SDK Build Tools,NDK,Android SDK Command Line Tools, CMake and other. When any new update is released by google for the updates of these tools. These tools are updated automatically to get the latest one.

SDK Update Sites

SDK Update Sites consist of collections of different websites which are required for installation for different SDK components inside your android SDK. This update sites section consists of website links for different google websites which provides installation details for different SDK components in Android SDK.

Android Emulator

Android Emulator is a virtual android mobile device which is provided by android studio IDE. We can use this virtual device to run our android studio applications on it. We can generate so many types of different emulators depending on our requirements which might have different android versions. With the help of an android emulator we can test our android application on a wide range of devices. With the help of emulators we can create applications for mobile devices, watches, tablets as well as smart televisions without the requirements of the actual device.


In the above tutorial, we learn What is android SDK what is the use of it and what are the different components of Android SDK which are required for developing android applications.

Updated on: 14-Mar-2023

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