Ancient Indian History - Pandya Dynasty

  • The Pandya kingdom was the second important kingdom in south India during this period. It occupied the region of modern districts of Tirunelveli, Ramnad, and Madurai in Tamil Nadu.

Pandya dynasty
  • The capital of Pandya kingdom was Madurai. The Pandyan kingdom was very wealthy and prosperous.

  • The Sangam literature gives information and names of a few kings.

  • Nedunjeliyan was a great Pandya king. He defeated the combined forces of Chera, Chola, and five other minor states in a war against him at Madurai.

  • The Pandyan kings assembled literary assemblies called as ‘Sangam’.

  • Nedunjeliyan had performed several Vedic sacrifices. He may be taken to have ruled around A. D. 210.

  • The capital Madurai and the port city Korkai were the great centres of trade and commerce during the Pandyas’ reign.

  • The traders profited from trade with the Roman Empire.

  • Pandya kings even sent embassies to the Roman emperor Augustus and Trojan.