Ancient Indian History - Decline of Guptas

  • The Gupta dynasty continued to be in existence for more than 100 years after the death of Skandagupta in A.D. 467.

  • Skandagupta was succeeded by his brother Purugupta. Nothing is known about his achievements.

  • Budhagupta was the only Gupta ruler who continued to rule over a large part of the empire.

  • Budhagupta inscriptions have been found from Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh.

  • Huna’s leader, Toramana attacked Gupta Empire in A.D. 512. He conquered a large part of north India up to Gwalior and Malwa.

  • Toramana was succeeded by his son Mihira kula. He founded his capital at Sakala (Sialkot).

  • Huna ruled in India for a very short period, but the Gupta Empire suffered much from it.

  • Huna rule was one of the shortest instances of foreign rule over India.

  • Hiuen-Tsang describes that Mihirkula invaded Magadha. He was defeated and captured by the Gupta king Baladitya. It is also mentioned that Mihirkula’s life was saved at the intervention of the queen mother of Magadha.

  • Inscription from Malwa mentioned that Yasovarman was a powerful local ruler of Malwa. He also defeated Mihirakula (Huna Ruler).