Advantages of vector over the array in C++?

Vector is a template class and is C++ only construct whereas arrays are built-in language construct and present in both C and C++.

Vector are implemented as dynamic arrays with list interface whereas arrays can be implemented as statically or dynamically with primitive data type interface.

Differences between a Vector and an Array

  • A vector is a dynamic array, whose size can be increased, whereas THE array size can not be changed.

  • Reserve space can be given for vector, whereas for arrays you cannot give reserved space.

  • A vector is a class whereas an array is a datatype.

  • Vectors can store any type of objects, whereas an array can store only homogeneous values.

Advantages of Arrays

  • Arrays support efficient random access to the members.

  • It is easy to sort an array.

  • They are more appropriate for storing a fixed number of elements

Disadvantages of Arrays

  • Elements can not be deleted

  • Dynamic creation of arrays is not possible

  • Multiple data types can not be stored

Advantages of Vector

  • Size of the vector can be changed

  • Multiple objects can be stored

  • Elements can be deleted from a vector

Disadvantages of Vector

  • A vector is an object, memory consumption is more.