Adobe Illustrator Alternatives

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is an application that is used for creating different types of designs. The app is compatible with Windows and macOS. The software was introduced in 1987 and it is regularly updated with new features and tools. The software is used by web designers, graphic designers, professional illustrators, and visual artists all over the world.

Cost of Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator can be purchased by students and professionals The cost of the application starts from $19.99. The cost will increase as per the requirements of the users. If you want to use cloud storage, the cost of the app will be $54.99.

Why Adobe Illustrator Alternatives?

There are many reasons that people look for Adobe alternatives. First reason is the price which is high in comparison to its alternatives. It is difficult to use by beginners as they have to learn it from scratch. The user interface of the app is also very complicated. The cost of Adobe Cloud Subscription is $32.49.

How to choose an Adobe Illustrator Alternative?

Adobe Illustrator comes with a lot of features and you need to look for the same in the alternatives. Some of these features are listed below −

  • CAD tools

  • Application management

  • Collaboration tools

  • Import and export data

  • Design management

  • Animation

  • CMS integration

Top 10 Adobe Illustrator Alternatives

There are many paid and free alternatives for Adobe illustrator and some of them have been discussed hate in detail.

Alternative 1 – Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer was introduced in 2014 and is available at a price of £48.99. You have to make the payment only once and get the app for lifetime. The speed of the software is faster than Illustrator. The number of features in Affinity designer is little less than that of Adobe Illustrator but it has the feature of importing the AI and the PSD files. There are some features like switching between raster and vector workspace is not available in Adobe Illustrator The app can run easily on iPad and Apple Pencil.


  • Can import PSD and AI files

  • Faster than Adobe Illustrator

  • Only one lifetime payment to purchase the app


  • The software has a lot of features

  • Works on iPad

  • Pay once use lifetime


  • Available for macOS only

Alternative 2 – CorelDraw

CorelDraw is an excellent alternative to the Adobe Illustrator. The app is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and iPad. The app has the feature of multipage view and multi-asset export. Collaborators can share their feedback and also provide comment for the design. The price for lifetime access is $1017,42. If you want monthly subscription, you have to pay $35 per month


  • Cheaper than Adobe Illustrator

  • Trial version available

  • Compatible with many platforms


  • Sharing of file sin multiple formats can be done

  • Training videos are helpful


  • The app is not offline completely. Internet connection is required to use some of its components

  • It is difficult to use the freehand button

Alternative 3 – Inkscape

Inkscape is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator and can be used without paying any money. The app is a best option for beginners as it comes with a variety of features. It is an open source software which can be used to manipulate images. The app has similar features as Adobe illustrator. The software is good for those professionals who want to create SVG. The app can be installed on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


  • Compatible with many platforms

  • Free of cost

  • Similar features as Adobe Illustrator


  • Files can be exported in various formats

  • Editing of SVG files is also possible


  • Does not support EPS and AI files

  • Advanced vector graphic features are not available

Alternative 4 – Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Corel is the owner of the tool The app can be easily installed on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The app can be easily integrated with Google Drive and it will help you to work online. The price of the Gravit Designer subscription is $99 per year.


  • Integration with Google drive

  • Users can work online

  • Supports multiple platforms


Free to use

Compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS User friendly interface


  • No offline mode

  • Not suitable for professionals

  • Export options are limited

Alternative 5 – Sketch

Sketch can be installed only on Mac. The software has been designed for people who want to work on a vector designing software. The application was launched in 2010 and you can use it for UI and icon design. The software does not have all the features as Adobe Illustrator but it can be used to make simple illustrations. The cost of the software is $99 per year. You will also get free updates for one year


  • Cheaper than Adobe Illustrator

  • Suitable for UI and icon design

  • App can be used even if license is expired


  • Excellent software for icon design

  • User interface is easy to use


  • Available for macOS only

Alternative 6 – Canva

Canva is a popular graphic design application which can be used by beginners. Canva can be used for basic and advanced designing and you can also create vector images. It is very easy to work on Canva so beginners can also use and learn the basics of graphic designing.


  • The software can be used easily by beginners

  • Vector images can be created easily

  • Free version with limited features is available


  • The user interface is easy to use

  • App is available at reasonable plans

  • Thousands of templates are available


  • Print functionalities are limited

  • Complex vectors design cannot be made

  • Not suitable for professionals

Alternative 7 – Figma

Figma is a suitable application for those people who are looking for a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Figma will help you in designing interfaces, creating personalized shapes, design animated prototypes and do a lot of other work. You can import fonts and even use Google fonts in your design.


  • The software is easy to use

  • Import and use fonts

  • Save your work in Figma cloud


  • All tools related to website design are available

  • All members of a team can work simultaneously on the same project

  • The software is cloud based


  • Users have to work online as offline version is not available

  • Global colors do not exist

  • Heavy prototypes cannot work in the absence pf graphics card and effective RAM

Alternative 8 – Vectr

The Vectr application was launched in 2014 as an alternative to the Adobe Illustrator. Vectr is a cross platform app which can be installed on Windows, MacOS and Linux. The software is excellent for those people who change their devices or team frequently. The software comes with basic feature but adding plugins can help in customizing it and create anything by using HTML5.


  • Cross platform app

  • Suitable for users who frequently change their devices

  • Add plugins to create more things by using HTM:5


  • Easy to use

  • Plugins can be used for customization

  • Cross platform


  • Functionality is limited

  • Does not support many formats

  • Cannot work without an internet connection

Alternative 9 –VectorStyler

VectorStyler is a new software and can be installed on only MacOS. Now a Windows version of the software is also available The software is popular because it consists of scalable vector brushes The app has the ability to accept on Illustrator files. You will also get the option of importing brushes from Adobe Illustrator. The user interface of the software is simple and easy to use.


  • Import brushes from Adobe Illustrator

  • Handle Illustrator file

  • User friendly interface


  • Large number of vector brushes

  • Inter face can be used easily


  • More expensive

Alternative 10 – Vectornator

Vectornator is the most popular alternative to Adobe Illustrator. The software can be found on App store. The application comes with auto-trace technology which helps to trace images within no time. The app has a gesture control which can be used to change nodes with single click. The app has advanced text editing tools and unlimited artboards. The app can be installed on iOS and macOS.


  • Advanced text editing tools

  • Auto-trace technology

  • Unlimited artboards


  • Free to use

  • Quick action menus and tabs

  • Supports different file formats


  • No tooltips for action buttons

  • Performance is slow in comparison to competitors


Adobe Illustrator is an extensive app that can be used for making different types of designs. The app comes with different features like brushes, toolbox, etc. to make designs. The app is expensive and beginners are unable to afford it. This is the reason that there is a need for alternative/

Updated on: 05-Apr-2023


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