Adding an image to SAP Adobe form from MIME repository

Note that Image must be uploaded from system to MIME beforehand.

Run Transaction SE78 → Upload (F5).

You have to declare 2 variables in the interface - global data with types string and xstring, You need to change the data declaration as below −

data: gv_bmp_watermark type xstring.
constants: gc_url_watermark type string
value '/BC/PUBLIC/MyImages/watermark100.bmp'.

You need to add the following under code initialization.

//* Read Images
data: lr_api type ref to if_mr_api.
lr_api = cl_mime_repository_api=>get_api( ).
lr_api->get( exporting i_url = gc_url_watermark
             importing e_content = gv_bmp_watermark).

You also need to change context node a bit as mentioned below −

Name: WATERMARK        
Graphic Type: GRAPHIC CONTENT        
Field: GV_BMP_WATERMARK        
MIME Type: 'image/bmp'

For more details, you can refer below lin −:

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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