A body is falling from a height $h$. After it has fallen a height $\frac{h}{2}$, it will possess
$(a)$. only potential energy
$(b)$. only kinetic energy
$(c)$. half potential and half kinetic energy
$(d)$. more kinetic and less potential energy

At the height of $h$, the total energy possessed by the body $=mgh$

Here $m\rightarrow$ is the mass of the body,

$g\rightarrow$gravitational acceleration

At the height of $\frac{h}{2}$, the potential energy $=\frac{mgh}{2}$

Therefore, half of potential energy gets converted into kinetic energy.

Therefore at the height of $\frac{h}{2}$, it has half kinetic and half potential energy.

Thus, option $(c)$ is correct.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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