Using datatype/element for destination in SAP ABAP

You can use RFCDEST.

RFCDEST statement specifies the destination value for a Remote Function Call connection and gateway information.

Supported Job Types:

This statement are optional for the following job types:

SAP Batch Input Session

SAP Business Warehouse InfoPackage

SAP Business Warehouse Process Chain

SAP Data Archiving

SAP Event Monitor

SAP Job Copy

SAP Process Monitor


Basic Data
Table  RFCDES  Destination table for Remote Function Call
Field  RFCDEST  Logical Destination (Specified in Function Call)
Position 1
Syntax to be used:

RFCDEST destination

Using Parameter destination
You need to specify the destination for the RFC connection and gateway information for an SAP R/3 system. This destination is the destination that is specified in the connection properties file during installation.
Limits: Up to 20 valid SAP characters and case-sensitive

Updated on: 13-Jun-2020


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