Unicode Byte Order Mark (BOM) character in HTML5 document.

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A byte order mark (BOM) consists of the character code U+FEFF at the beginning of a data stream, where it can be used as a signature defining the byte order and encoding form, primarily of unmarked plaintext files.

Many Windows programs (including Windows Notepad) add the bytes 0xEF, 0xBB, 0xBF at the start of any document saved as UTF-8. This is the UTF-8 encoding of the Unicode byte order mark (BOM), and is commonly referred to as a UTF-8 BOM even though it is not relevant to byte order.

For HTML5 document, you can use a Unicode Byte Order Mark (BOM) character at the start of the file. This character provides a signature for the encoding used.

Published on 11-Apr-2018 06:40:33