The Biggest Changes in C++11

C++11 was the modern C++ standard published in 2011. This brought many major extensions and improvements to the existing language. Following are the major changes/additions of C++11 −

  • Initializer lists
  • Automatic type deduction
  • Rvalue references and move constructors
  • constexpr – Generalized constant expressions
  • Modification to the definition of plain old data
  • Uniform initialization
  • Range-based for loop
  • Lambda functions and expressions
  • Alternative function syntax
  • Explicit overrides and final
  • A constant null pointer, nullptr
  • Strongly typed enumerations
  • Right angle bracket not being treated as an operator at appropriate places
  • Variadic templates
  • Multithreading memory model
  • Added Hash tables to the STL
  • Added Regular expressions to the Standard Library
  • Added General-purpose smart pointers like shared_ptr, weak_ptr, etc

And many more. You can get the complete list with examples at

Updated on: 24-Jun-2020


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