The Biggest Challenge of the Internet of Things

Since the Internet of Things is an evolving field, there are many challenges that people dealing with it might have to face. These challenges can be both minor and major. The Internet of Things helps connect various devices, helping them to synchronise and coordinate. They can be operated with the help of your smartphone, making controlling and management easy for you. Whether it is something as small as a coffee maker or as large as your flat screen, you can exercise your discretion on their working with the help of IoT. Manual instructions are hardly needed, saving both time and effort of people.

What are the Challenges of the Internet of Things?

There are various challenges that you can associate with the Internet of Things. These can cause trouble in their working and hamper your progress in more than one way if not paid attention to at the earliest. Some of them are −

Concerns Regarding Security

One of the major concerns regarding the IoT is the proper safety of data and information. Since most of the professionals working on IoT are not strictly developers (usually), it might open new doorways to the data and information to go vulnerable. A probability of gaining unauthorized access to this information and data can also occur. To deal with such situations, one must call data and security experts to look into the matter and take action accordingly. The connection between the devices and the cloud must be checked frequently to keep an eye on their activities. If something sceptical takes place, you can contact the security experts.

Security is threatened by not properly encrypting the data while transferring it to the cloud, leaving gates open after development uses, improper penetration testing on the backend services, etc.

The Costs can Pile up to a Huge Amount

The infrastructure required for the Internet of Things to work properly requires a huge investment. The maintenance after that isn't very troublesome if managed properly. However, if you have no idea about managing it and spending on its care, things might take time to work out for you. Once you get used to the processes and the various steps you need to follow to make the Internet of Things function properly for you, you will know how to manage the expenses related to it. Moreover, they are not very intricate in their work, preventing any kind of extra spending on them.

Firmware Updates are Missing

One of the major issues with the Internet of Things is that it comes with a bug that creates vulnerabilities. One can cause these bugs for any reason. Whether it is because of your device or due to any third party, it causes more or less equal damage. You will have to be watchful of these loose ends that can cause damage to your system. It can hamper the normal working of the Internet of Things.

One can avoid these hazardous situations if the manufacturers just take care of updating their firmware on time. You might need to physically touch the device to issue the update if a network's data transfer speeds are too slow or its messaging capabilities are constrained. Also, checking the condition of the Internet of Things and all the devices you have connected can help detect any problem that might occur at the earliest. In cases such as such, nip in the bud is the best solution.

Encryption isn't Adequate

There should be adequate encryption on regular transmissions. If it lacks in any way, it gives way to vulnerabilities that can threaten the security of the Internet of Things. If you want the information and data to be safe and secure, you must ensure that the encryption is done perfectly. Many IoT devices do not encrypt their data and information. This can become a reason for any external element to get unauthorized access to it. If someone breaks into the network, that person can misuse the sensitive information stored and alter the data. Damaging and losing of data can also take place.

Lower Processing Power

The IoT devices do not store much data. The applications used in them do not hold much data well. This helps in reducing the cost of the entire system, also helping in increasing its battery life. However, these factors don't go well with safety.  This is because it is the reason that OTA updates are difficult. OTA stands for Over-the-Air. Moreover, one cannot always install cyber security tools because of this. This leads to the data being vulnerable to external attacks.

Lack of Awareness among Users

People learn about things they use regularly and have been using for a long. For example, PCs and their functioning can easily be managed and understood by almost everyone who has ever worked on them. Since IoT is new to the market, it will still take time for people to understand. As a result, organisations, consumers, and manufacturers pose serious security dangers to IoT devices. In addition to technology, hackers also target humans. Some users lack a thorough understanding of technology. People, as a result, engage in activities without considering the effects.


The Internet of Things is a new concept that would take some time to learn about properly. Moreover, experts in fields are working towards the betterment of IoT applications. Using them with the utmost care is sensible since they simplify our work tremendously. Proper usage and management of IoT devices can help us to stay away from any hazards.

Updated on: 13-Feb-2023


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