Style options for the HTML5 Date picker

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The date picker in HTML5 basically works very similar to how the JavaScript Libraries did, when we focus on the field a calendar will pop out, and then we can navigate through the months and years to select the date.

Therefore, if you want the date input to use more spacing and a color scheme you could add the following to your code.

::-webkit-datetime-edit { padding: 2 em; }
::-webkit-datetime-edit-fields-wrapper { background:green; }
::-webkit-datetime-edit-text { color: blue; padding: 0 0.3em; }
::-webkit-datetime-edit-month-field { color: red; }
::-webkit-datetime-edit-day-field { color: orange; }
::-webkit-datetime-edit-year-field { color: red; }
<input type = "date">
Published on 21-Mar-2018 09:38:29