SAP Fiori suitable for mobile application development

Note that sap.ui.commons is an old desktop library and sap.m is old mobile library.

There are various JavaScript and CSS libraries that you can use in combination for the application development. SAPUI5 can use these libraries in combination and they are called SAPUI5 control libraries.

Sap.m is the most common control library and is used for mobile devices and desktop.

Note that with new release, few of the controls in sap.ui.commons.layout have been replaced by the new dedicated layout library called sap.ui.layout, and it runs on same platform “sap.m”.

Few of the old controls have been made available again through the non-deprecated sap.ui.unified library, which runs on the same platforms as sap.m.

You can check the below link to know about sap.m library which was introduced with version 1.16.

To check latest Fiori design guidelines, refer the below link −