How to make a Website step by step?

A website is a group of a web page, which has content, images, videos, header, etc. It is with a unique domain name and published on the web server.


A domain is what you type on the web browser to open a website. For example,, etc. The domain is uniquely defined for a website. Buy a domain name from domain name registrar and website hosting companies like GoDaddy.

Here, you can see the domain name typed on the web browser:

Hosting Package

The website which you’re looking to develop will have content, images, documents, etc. For all these, you need space, which is known as website hosting. Website hosting will make your website visible in the web world. A website hosting plan will give you hosting space for a time period i.e. monthly or yearly basis. You need to buy any of the plans.

Website Idea

After buying, now you need to focus on the idea of your website, to form a website design. An idea will define what all you want on the website.

Free Template or Website Builder

If you’re not aware of developing a website, then take the help of free templates or website builders provided by the hosting company. You can also use Microsoft Frontpage, Adobe Dreamweaver, or other HTML Editors, which will give you options to easily design your website.

Website Platform

If you don’t want to go for free templates or website builder then try to choose a platform to develop your first website easily. Go to PHP, or to ease your work go for a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is a CMS and gives you a lot of options to easily develop and design your website.


After developing your website, you need to focus on SEO. It helps in ranking your website on search engines. Some SEO techniques include adding meta descriptions, adding a proper title to pages, creating high-quality content free from plagiarism, adding images to content, etc.


Updated on: 15-Jun-2020


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