How do we use easy_install to install Python modules?

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easy_install was released in 2004, as part of setuptools. It was notable at the time for installing packages from PyPI using requirement specifiers, and automatically installing dependencies.

pip came later in 2008, as alternative to easy_install, although still largely built on top of setuptools components. You should be using pip instead of easy_install for installing python modules. If you have easy_install, you can use it to install pip. Type the following command:

$ easy_install pip

Now you can use pip to install the module you want. For example, To install the latest version of "SomeProject":

$ pip install 'SomeProject'

To install a specific version:

$ pip install 'SomeProject==1.4'

To install greater than or equal to one version and less than another:

$ pip install 'SomeProject>=1,<2'
Published on 21-Dec-2017 08:02:15