Difference between Copy and Derived view in SAP HANA

Following are the key points about using Derived view in SAP HANA

  • The derived attribute view will be similar in all the characteristics as the base view (except the name)
  •  It is not possible to edit any semantic/data foundation design in the derived attribute view.
  •  When there is any change in the base view, the changes will be reflected in the derived attribute view too. This helps reduce extra efforts of replicating the changes in the derived view.

When you want to define an Attribute view on the top of an existing object as copy, you can use Copy From option. This can be done by selecting the checkbox.

The key difference between Copy From and Derived is that in case of derived view you can enable view description however changes can only be done in base view. When we use “Copy From” option, it is possible to modify the entire view.