Using Attribute view in SAP HANA


In SAP HANA Modeling, Attribute View is developed on the top of Dimension tables. They are used to join Dimension tables or other Attribute Views. It is also possible to create a copy of an existing Attribute View from already existing Attribute Views inside other Packages but you can’t edit the view in this case. Following are the key characteristics of Attribute View:

  • Attribute Views in HANA are used to join Dimension tables or other Attribute Views.
  • Attribute Views are used in Analytical and Calculation Views for analysis to pass master data.
  • They are similar to Characteristics in BM and contain master data.
  • Attribute Views are used for performance optimization in large size Dimension tables, you can limit the number of attributes in an Attribute View which are further used for Reporting and analysis purpose.
  • Attribute Views are used to model master data to give some context.

To check Attribute views inside a package, you have to navigate to Content tab -> Package Name and expand folder inside it.

To check the details of an Attribute view, you need to double-click on view name and this will open Data Foundation and Semantic layer.

Updated on 18-Jun-2020 08:37:28