Using Analytic View in SAP HANA

You are correct. In SAP HANA, Analytic Views are used to implement Star Schema queries wherein we join one Fact table to multiple Dimension tables. Analytic views use the real power of SAP HANA to perform

complex calculations and aggregate functions by joining tables in form of star schema and by executing Star schema queries.

Following are key characteristics of SAP HANA Analytic View:

  • Analytic Views are used to perform complex calculations and Aggregate functions like Sum, Count, Min, Max, Etc.
  •  Analytic Views are designed to run Start schema queries.
  • Each Analytic View has one Fact table surrounded by multiple dimension tables. The fact table contains primary key for each Dim table and measures.
  •  Analytic Views are similar to Info Objects and Info sets of SAP BW.

You can check all existing Analytic view in HANA Studio by navigating to Content tab -> Package Name -> Analytic Views Folder