Connection SAP HANA with BusinessObjects

BO can connect to HANA in either of the following ways:

  • OLAP SAP BICS Client
  • OLAP SAP HANA Client
  • Relation DB Connectivity (JDBC/ODBC)

OLAP SAP BICS (Business Intelligence Consumer Service) Client: This connection can be established either with the help of Information design tool or by using BI Server console. Naming BEx query is optional in this case. Therefore, solitaire BICS connectivity can be used to create reports on multiple BW cubes.

SAP BAPI: This is the most prevalent way to connect BO server to BEx queries. For each BEx query one BAPI Connection is created. Therefore, if you have multiple BEx queries then you need multiple BAPI connections.

OLAP SAP HANA Client: If you require connecting to native HANA then you can opt for this connectivity. A new connection can be established using Information design tool. Again, HANA Column view name is optional over here, so a single connection can be used to connect to multiple reports on HANA models.

Relation DB Connectivity: Using these you can directly access HANA tables along with models.