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  • Install LimeSurvey on a CentOS VPS

    LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is an open source online survey application. It allows you to develop and publish online surveys
  • How to install PhpWiki on a CentOS 7 VPS

    PhpWiki is a wiki-based content management software written in PHP, used to create web sites where anyone can edit or create the pages
  • Creating Discussion Board in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

    A step by step approach to create a Discussion Board in Microsoft SharePoint 2013. Key Features of a Discussion Board .Discussion Views in Share Poi
  • How to install Wolf CMS on a CentOS VPS

    Wolf CMS is free and open-source, PHP based content management system that offers simple and elegant user interface. Wolf CMS is a fork of Frog CMS.
  • Step by Step Using Bootstrap 3 with ASP.NET MVC 5

    Bootstrap basically is a front-end open source framework having collection of tools that contains HTML and CSS-based design templates along with Javas
  • Awesome CakePHP Tutorials and Resources

    CakePHP developer make use of this framework to create user-friendly and customized websites in a CakePHP development company.
  • Deadlock in Java

    This post talks about how deadlock in Java can be created and what are the ways to avoid it.
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