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  • Creating Stones

    This is a very simple tutorial for those looking for rock style textures.
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    • Cat:Misc

  • Semi-Transparent Flowers

    Once you get the hang of this one, you will see how easy and fast it is to create logos, letterheads, and such on the fly!
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  • Create forward button

    Learn how to create cool forward button in just a few steps.
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  • Easy Glossy Text

    Create some easy glossy text for your website in just minutes
  • 3D Chrome Text

    Create 3D looking chrome text.
  • Rust & Scratches

    Add rust and scratches on your text!
  • Typing in Paint Shop Pro

    The Text Tool in Paint Shop Pro is even more powerful than the (Horizontal) Type in Photoshop.
  • Extruding Text

    This tutorial is based upon the easiest kind of perspective drawing, called one-point perspective.
  • Drawing in PSP

    A Tutorial for Outlining/colouring in Paint Shop Pro 7.
  • Realistic HDTV

    Create a HDTV from scratch using Paint Shop Pro 9
  • Metallic Wire

    Create metallic looking wires using Paint Shop Pro 7 and above!
  • Orb Reloaded

    Create a SHINY looking orb using this tutorial. Requires Paint Shop Pro 8 or higher version.
  • Liquid in Glass

    See how easy it is to fill a glass orb with liquid!
  • Amazing Starfield

    Create an amazing realistic starfield with Paint Shop Pro. There are a lot of great things to learn from this tutorial.
  • PSP Tubes Addicts

    There are also some paint shop pro tutorials related to the organising and installation of tubes.
  • Photoshop and PSP brushes

    Original brushes you can use for Photoshop 7.0 and up, Paint Shop Pro 8.0 and up and Stamps to be used with other programs.
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