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  • SQL Log Recovery to Restore Deleted Records

    Much needed SQL Log recovery functionality to be added, undoubtedly The ability to recover deleted records from a SQL Server database.
  • Database management system

    Why use a Database? The need to manipulate large collection of data for frequent used data queries and reports.
  • Primary key vs Candidate Key in Table SQL Database

    The main difference between a primary key and candidate keys are that all the columns in a table which are eligible to become the primary key e.g. the
  • Clustered vs non-clustered Index in database

    The main difference between the Clustered and a Non-Clustered index is that Clustered index defines the physical sorting order of data i.e. how data
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  • Difference between Unique and Primary key in SQL

    The main difference between the primary and unique key in the database is that primary key is not null but unique can be null. Both Primary and unique
  • What is a database index

    This article will give you a general overview on what indexes are without digging into too much detail.
  • Time zones in databases

    Description how different databases handle time zones.
  • SQL subqueries fundamentals

    Tutorial explains the main difference between correlated and nested subquery.
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