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  • How to create update and delete columns in SQL

    One of the three main task you in SQL is creating, updating and deleting columns of tables. This tutorial explains how to create, update and delete co
  • A Brief History of SQL

    Prior to the release of the first relational database management system each database had a unique physical structure
  • SQL query to find second Maximum Salary from Table

    How to find 2nd maximum, 3rd maximum or Nth maximum salary or Employee is a classical SQL Interview question. There are many ways to find Nth highest
  • SQL command to copy table with data

    It is a good decision to take backup of a table before doing any modification or inserting data on that table. In this article, we will learn a SQL co
  • How to find duplicate rows in a table in MySQL and Orac

    Many times, we need to find out duplicate records in a table. This article shares couple of SQL queries, which we can use to find duplicate rows. thes
  • Inner Join of three tables in SQL MySQL Oracle Server

    INNER JOIN is used to fetch data from multiple tables in one query, it helps to save database round trips, but getting data from more than two tables
  • Attach MDF file to the SQL database without LDF file

    Attaching .mdf file to the SQL database without .ldf file is a easy task but need attention. No matter SQL server shutdown properly or not.
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  • Correlated vs Noncorrelated Subquery example in SQL

    Main difference between Correlated and Noncorrelated subquery is that, Correlated subquery depends upon Outer query and can not execute by its own whi
  • Dependencies: Partial and Transitive

    Description of Dependencies which violate normalization rules.
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  • SQL SELECT Command Queries and Example for Beginners

    This Select command tutorial is good for every sql programmer both for advanced programmers and beginners and acts as refresher for many of us which
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  • Dont delete truncate your tables in SQL

    Dont Delete , truncate it. If you are working in a huge table you need to be very very careful while executing any query because due to large data an
  • Selecting Only Distinct Rows Or Entries From A Table

    The SELECT DISTINCT statement functions in much the same way as a standard select statement but will only return distinct column values.
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