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  • Android 7.0 Nougat Features

    Google releases out Android 7 Nougat having more than 250 updates, and the major updates that can offer much help for the android developers are detai
  • AngularJS vs jQuery

    AngularJS is definitely better than jQuery in many facets. AngularJS is Very Strong Community Backing and Code Style is very declarative.
  • Statistical Function in Excel: AVERAGE, AVERAGEIF, MODE

    In this article you will learn about Statistical Function in Excel that includes AVERAGE, AVERAGEIF, MODE, MEDIAN, Standard Deviation, MIN, MAX, Large
  • The ROUND Function in Excel: The ROUND, ROUNDUP and ROU

    There are three functions to round numbers in MS Excel. The ROUND, ROUNDUP and ROUNDDOWN function. The ROUND function is used to round the fraction va
  • Date and Time Function in Excel

    MS Excel supports multiple formats for data inputs. It also support date and time as a format and has the provision to apply various function over the
  • Count and Sum Function in Excel: CountA, CountBlank, Co

    The count and sum function is MS Excel is very important. In this tutorial you will learn count and sum functions, CountA, CountBlank, CountIFs, SumIF
  • Share Data in MS Excel: How to Share Excel Data with Wo

    MS Excel is highly versatile and supports sharing its contents with other programs. Contents can be shared from MS Excel to MS Word, MS PowerPoint and
  • Print in Excel: Print Gridlines in a Excel Worksheet

    In this tutorial, you are going to learn about how to setup your Excel sheet for printing. You will learn how to set margins, setting the printing pre
  • How to Protect a Workbook with Password in MS Excel 201

    The protection level implemented in MS Excel is password protected and hence, without a correct password, it cannot be unlocked. To make your Excel fi
  • Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: A List of Keyboard Shortcuts

    In MS Excel, you have plenty of keyboard shortcuts available that will help you performing your tasks in a quicker way. This tutorial will discuss the
  • Data Validation in MS Excel with Examples

    In Microsoft Excel, Data validation is used to verify the type, format, and content of data that is acceptable in a specific cell. If any data that is
  • Templates in MS Excel

    In Microsoft Excel, Templates are the pre-defined / pre-designed formats that can be used for various purposes. Microsoft has provided a rich library
  • Format Cells in Excel

    Formatting Cells is one of the most power and attractive features of MS Excel. This feature provides the user with the flexibility and control over th
  • Ribbon in MS Excel

    By default, the Ribbon contains 8 tabs in MS Excel 2013. In this Microsoft Excel Tutorial you will learn about Ribbon tabs and how to customize,
  • MS Excel Formulas and Functions

    Microsoft Excel provides the flexibility to use these formulas and functions in an entirely convenient manner. As long as you have the understanding a
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