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  • Tracking Job Applicants in Excel

    Need to track job applicants for a position? Make an Excel template!
  • Data Validation

    How to use data validation for dropdown lists
  • Using Speak Cells in Excel

    How to use speak cells in Excel for accessibility purposes
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  • How to insert cells in Excel

    When we work with spreadsheet sooner or later we will need to insert Cells into existing sheet. I will show a few ways we can achieve it.
  • How to Find Data in Excel

    Finding data is very useful, when you have to deal with a lot of data on a worksheet.
  • Median Function

    The median is widely used in statistics ...
  • Merge Columns in Excel

    You re probably used to merging cells , but did you know that merging or concatenating columns for combining data is just as easy and useful.
  • Add Cell Comments to a Spreadsheet

    Comments are often very helpful when it comes to the large amounts of data present in a spreadsheet.
  • Highlight One Part of a Pie Chart

    One feature that we dont use often is separating just one slice from the pie chart to highlight that specific piece of data.
  • Make a Table of Contents

    Ever notice how easy it is to navigate a book? Thats because they have a table of contents.
  • Create a 3-D Illusion in Cells

    Whether you have to give a presentation or you need to liven up your worksheets, giving it a 3D look could be just the thing.
  • Excel 2007 Screen Elements

    These elements included Office button, Quick Access Toolbar, Ribbon, Name box, Formula bar, Sheet tabs, Status bar, and Zoom control
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