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  • Tracking Job Applicants in Excel

    Need to track job applicants for a position? Make an Excel template!
  • Data Validation

    How to use data validation for dropdown lists
  • Using Speak Cells in Excel

    How to use speak cells in Excel for accessibility purposes
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  • How to insert cells in Excel

    When we work with spreadsheet sooner or later we will need to insert Cells into existing sheet. I will show a few ways we can achieve it.
  • How to Find Data in Excel

    Finding data is very useful, when you have to deal with a lot of data on a worksheet.
  • Median Function

    The median is widely used in statistics ...
  • How to Save a PDF File as an Excel File

    Have you received some PDF tables that save from Excel spreadsheets? Or sometimes you need to extract the data and reuse them to improve spreadsheets
  • How to Convert PDF to Excel

    Due to the security features, compact size and compatibility on any computers, Portable Document Format (PDF) become a common document format for exch
  • How to save a PDF file as an excel file

    This tutorial will show your how to split PDFs into separate files. It is easy!
  • Create Cell Borders

    This video tutorial shows how to create cell borders in Excel.
  • Use The Format Painter

    This video tutorial shows how to use the formatting painter in Excel.
  • Protecting Excel

    The concept of protection gets a lot of attention in the Excel newsgroups and forums.
  • Excel Shortcut Keys

    Many users have discovered that using their keyboard can often be much more efficient than using their mouse.
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