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  • EXACT Function in Excel

    The exact function compares two strings of text.
  • AVERAGEIFS Arithmetic Mean Multiple Criteria

    In this example, we will be using the AVERAGEIFS function. We will be finding the average of a data set if it meets multiple criteria.
  • Index and Match Replace vlookups in Excel

    Before reading this tutorial, please make sure you understand how to use the INDEX and MATCH function.
  • Writing Your First Macro

    We will write and run our first simple Macro, just to have a feel of how it looks like.
  • What is a Macro

    Macro is just the name given to the codes written in VBA. So our codes, henceforth, will be referred to as Macro.
  • Getting VBA Installed in Excel

    Setting up VBA does not require any special software installation. The VBA development software is included with each package of the Microsoft Office
  • What is a Macro Learn the Basics

    VBA which stands for Visual Basic for Application is a programming language developed to work with Microsoft Office.
  • Find And Replace

    Learn how to use the find and replace feature in Excel.
  • Data Filtering Single and Multiple Filters in Excel

    Data filtering is a fast and easy approach of sorting work with a portion of data so that you are able to display only the rows in your spreadsheet th
  • Calculate Compound Annual Growth Rate

    Calculating the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is an essential function regardless of industry. Excel makes this calculation extremely easy.
  • Calculate Annual Growth Rate

    Calculating the annual growth rate is very easy in Excel. To calculate the annual growth rate, use the following formula.
  • Using Check boxes in Excel

    The following tutorial will show you how to use Check boxes in Excel. You can use check boxes are ways of displaying text or figures that can be used
  • Selecting All Formula Cells in a Worksheet

    Sometimes when working in Excel, it can be helpful to quickly identify or select all of the cells in a worksheet which contain formulas.
  • Print to Fit on X Number of Pages

    Sometimes when using Excel you may want to customize the way that you print the information you are working with.
  • FV Function Future Value Calculation in Excel

    The FV Function is built into Excel. It is a financial function used to calculate the Future Value of an investment.
  • CUMIPMT Function 15yr Mortgage

    The CUMIPMT Function in Excel is a financial function designed to calculate and return the cumulative interest paid on a loan.
  • IPMT Function Calculate Interest of a loan

    Ever want to know how much interest you are paying for a current loan for any specific period?
  • Android 7.0 Nougat Features

    Google releases out Android 7 Nougat having more than 250 updates, and the major updates that can offer much help for the android developers are detai
  • AngularJS vs jQuery

    AngularJS is definitely better than jQuery in many facets. AngularJS is Very Strong Community Backing and Code Style is very declarative.
  • Statistical Function in Excel: AVERAGE, AVERAGEIF, MODE

    In this article you will learn about Statistical Function in Excel that includes AVERAGE, AVERAGEIF, MODE, MEDIAN, Standard Deviation, MIN, MAX, Large
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