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  • Shape optimization in Flash

    If you have created a shape in Flash that contains too many curves, then there is an easy way to fix that.
  • How to make an avatar in GIMP

    This tutorial will teach you how to make a nice avatar using Gimp, that you can upload for use on online forums, message boards e.t.c.
  • Send Information to Flash with JavaScript

    Learn how to send any information to Flash with JavaScript. This info could be a variable or a text message.
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  • Clear red and white menu

    In this lesson, you have a chance to learn how to create modern clear red and white flash menu
  • Vector vs bitmap

    You probably have heard phrases like vector graphics or bitmap graphics.
  • Replacement of color

    This flash tutorial shows how quickly to change color of elements in complex animation
  • How To Use The Sample Tool

    This video tutorial shows how to use the sample tool to sample bitmap colors.
  • Smiley Emoticons

    Well, I thought I would show everyone how to make smiley emoticons.
  • Beginners Guide to SSI

    An easy to follow guide on SSI and how to use this feature to do handy tasks such as include the contents of an external file
  • Aeon Flux-Signature

    You will be using the pen tool, c4ds, renders, and filters making this great piece. Have fun!
  • Techish Navigation

    Create a tech style navigation for a website using fireworks. Easy to understand tutorial with step by step screenshots.
  • Flash editing help

    Learn to make flash header link links to html pages; how to insert text in a flash movie