Run a PHP program in XAMPP Server



This post is basically for those who want to run their first program under php. I just want to give an introduction related to PHP before starting:

It is server-side scripting language for producing dynamic Web pages.PHP was originally created by RasmusLerdorf in 1995. Th full-form of PHP is a recursive name i.e. PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP program can be run under various like WAMP, XAMPP etc.

  • WAMP Server: this server is a web development platform which helps in creating dynamic web applications.
  • XAMPP Server: It is a free open source cross-platfrom web server package.

I am using XamppServer to run my program, you can download it from the following link:
After downloading, just follow the following step to start xampp server:


Install XAMPP


Assume you installed xampp in C Drive.
Go to: C:\xampp\htdocs

Create your own folder, name it as amit.


Now create your first php program in xampp and name it as “amit1.php”:

<head><title>Amit4 php</title></head>

  	# operator
	print "<h2>php program to add two numbers...</h2><br />";
              $val1 = 20;
              $val2 = 20;
              $sum = $val2 + $val2;   /* Assignment operator */
              echo "Result(SUM): $sum";



Now double click on “XAAMP CONTROL PANEL” on desktop and START “Apache
(icon also appears on the bottom)



Type localhost on your browser and press enter:
It will show the following:


Now type the following on browser:
Below screenshot shows php files created under folder “amit”


Click on “Amit4.php” and it will show the following:

The RESULT is 40 by adding both the values.
This way you can run your php program in XAMPP server…




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