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gap line

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  • Human Security with his own phone

    Human security is most important part in today’s world. Crime is growing day by day and girls are more affected with this Like rape thief etc. As technology is increasing to capture them they also update themselves to change the way of crime. Sometime t
    • 528 Hits
    • Submitted By: Uma Shankar Gupta
    • Company: Self

  • Cargo Securment Fines On The Rise

    Cargo securement is a big deal and the DOT has taken notice. With a more stringent eye many companies are receiving costly OOS violations that could have been prevented. Learn about the rising problem and how you can protect yourself and your company.
    • 532 Hits
    • Submitted By: Giovanni Tufo
    • Company: SafetyWeb Products

  • Oracle 12c

    This Article is about the Oracle Database 12c - Cloud Database, its new features and how its different from existing database of oracle.
    • 986 Hits
    • Submitted By: Ramprasath D
    • Company: Student

  • Bladabindi Virus

    This Article is about vulnerability, it is a new type of attack through USB which used to steal all personal information. Here i have mention how to prevent & detect from bladabindi.
    • 717 Hits
    • Submitted By: Ramprasath D
    • Company: Student

  • Survey of Oracle Database

    This Article is about Oracle Corporation and its different versions of oracle database product timeline.
    • 741 Hits
    • Submitted By: Ramprasath D
    • Company: Student

  • Remove and add contents

    A Content Management System is usually a malicious program that allows business enterprise piece of writing and modifying content and even maintenance from the central interface. Such systems of content management offer procedures to manage work flow with
    • 665 Hits
    • Submitted By: Mark Jonson
    • Company: Social Media Tech


    Darkhadoop is a future technology as i think..darkhadoop is a combination of DARKNET & HADOOP. i make a project on it. it is act like a Intrusion detection system & Intrusion prevention system.this technology is used to prevent webserver from atta
    • 733 Hits
    • Submitted By: Rishabh Sharma
    • Company: lazyhacker


    The project is on DARKHADOOP. Which is a combination of DARKNET & HADOOP. We use the DARKNET concept to protect webserver from attackers.we use it as a IDS & IPS. We thinking that this project is useful in future to make such a complex security I
    • 692 Hits
    • Submitted By: Rishabh Sharma
    • Company: Not given

  • EHR Vendor Pricing Comparison

    With an evidently growing number of EHR users in the HIT market, the vendors providing these EHRs are steadily growing. Setting aside billions as stimulus money, the federal government has given physicians substantial incentives to switch to EHRs.
    • 732 Hits
    • Submitted By: Alex Tate
    • Company: EHR Software

  • Branding the B2B business

    How to brand B2B business, Essential focus areas for B2B branding, B2B business is driven by knowledge leadership that unlocks industry insights. Read in detail :
    • 662 Hits
    • Submitted By: Mark
    • Company: Shining Consulting Pvt Lyd

  • STK Benchmark

    As a resource of Application and Support team where the focus is to implement SIM Toolkit Applications (STK), it is necessary to define the parameters through which we can get the correct effort estimation for the development and Validation.
    • 1855 Hits
    • Submitted By: Nishant Prakash
    • Company: Morpho e-Documents

  • Wireless - Technology for Future

    This white paper provides the brief information about few Wireless technologies with which we deal in day to day life like RFID, Bluetooth, WI-FI and GSM. All of the above mentioned technologies have the capability to change the way business is transact
    • 2033 Hits
    • Submitted By: Nishant Prakash
    • Company: Morpho e-Documents

  • Oracle Big Data

    It explain about what is big data & its types, big data characteristics, how to build oracle big data and its requirements covered in this article.
    • 2781 Hits
    • Submitted By: Ramprasath D
    • Company: student

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