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  • Latest Statistics from The American Society for Aesthetic Pl

    Dr. Gordon Kaplan, board certified surgeon from NJ, released a white paper about the latest statistics from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and explaining the latest procedures in plastic surgery.
    • 233 Hits
    • Submitted By: Dr. Gordon Kaplan
    • Company: Dr. Gordon Kaplan

  • What is Cloud Computing

    This whitepaper seeks to define the term cloud computing, the ongoing trend, its playing field,future growth and how industry analysts are looking at cloud computing and its growth.
    • 368 Hits
    • Submitted By: priya
    • Company: Go4Hosting

  • Stop Data Leaks: Active DLP Systems vs. Passive Monitoring

    Which one is better to combat theft of intellectual property: an active data leak prevention system (DLP) or a passive monitoring solution? The debate between users of active DLP and passive monitoring approaches goes on for years. In this paper we are
    • 228 Hits
    • Submitted By: Katerina
    • Company: Cloud Labs

  • Design for Performance

    A whitepaper on Design for Performance by Vikram Bhargava a Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) and former Director of Mechanical Engineering Services at Motorola Solutions. The whitepaper explains what is Design for Performance, how plas
    • 243 Hits
    • Submitted By: Prashant
    • Company: Not given

  • Life's Com: Social Recommendation

    LIFE’S COM agency decided to create a website to give information about the relationship of the brand and the consumers. The agency duty is to think a global digital strategy according to the expectations of our customers. We are able to help you to
    • 1 Hits
    • Submitted By: Camille Vincent
    • Company: Not given

  • A Complete Guide to Select your Virtual Data Center Virtual

    A virtual data center (DC) facility is typically a pool of cloud-enabled IT infrastructure wherein resources are specifically designed to cater to distinct business requirements in a safe and secured environment.These resources include bandwidth, memory,s
    • 286 Hits
    • Submitted By: Priya
    • Company: Go4Hosting

  • Leadership Skills Assessment

    Is your business throwing away money? SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, estimated that it costs $3,500.00 to replace one $8.00 per hour employee when all costs — recruiting, interviewing, hiring, online training(
    • 246 Hits
    • Submitted By: Sameer Bhatia
    • Company: ProProfs

  • A Short Guide to Vector Graphics

    A very detailed presentation of the timeline of vectors, from origins to current use in graphic and web design. This document will answer the basic questions related to vector graphics: what are they, what are they used for and how to work with them.
    • 225 Hits
    • Submitted By: Brian Ve
    • Company: Not given

  • Secure Private Docker Registries and More with a Binary Repo

    This paper has shown how a Binary Repository Manager can boost productivity of your organization’s development and DevOps teams by managing and optimizing access to Docker images. Through local repositories with security and access control, Artifactory
    • 221 Hits
    • Submitted By: Edan Tal
    • Company: JFrog

  • Social Enigineering

    There is no patch for Human Stupidity. There are lots of method by which one can try to breach information security. Social Engineering, is one of them. In this Paper, we will discuss types of social engineering, tactics, how to safeguard yourself.
    • 250 Hits
    • Submitted By: Vismit Sudhir Rakhecha
    • Company: Cyber Monks

  • Conference Attendee Tracking – A Better Attendee Experience

    Companies invest in conferences to educate, inspire and usually increase sales. Technology has made conference attendee tracking fairly simple; but the main challenge is what to do with the data once it has been collected. This white paper will give you m
    • 207 Hits
    • Submitted By: Emily Bonilla
    • Company: FISH Technologies

  • OOP vs Procedural

    In this article I talk about the need to eventually switch to an Object Oriented Approach to software, or more specifically, web apps.
    • 47 Hits
    • Submitted By: Bakani Pilime
    • Company: neOn