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  • VLAN Cisco vs Juniper

    This White paper covers about "Virtual Local Area Network". It explain about VLAN concept and how it differ from Cisco and Juniper with architecture of VLAN.
    • 1867 Hits
    • Submitted By: Ramprasath D
    • Company: student

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

    Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) represents the task of integrating various applications in a software enterprise with an aim to facilitate simplified sharing of information and processes. This white paper explains the need for EAI, issues faced i
    • 2121 Hits
    • Submitted By: Thejaswini J
    • Company: SPAN Systems

  • Data Analytics

    Data Analytics is the latest approach to manage, analyze and interpret various types and volumes of data. As data defines a number of business operations, it largely assists business strategy implementation and captures best market opportunities through p
    • 2094 Hits
    • Submitted By: Thejaswini J
    • Company: Not given

  • Sentiment Analysis on Big Data

    Diverse web sources provide in-depth insights about individuals' opinions regarding the offerings of various companies. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and blogs, discussion forums, etc. define multifarious sentiments of use
    • 2111 Hits
    • Submitted By: Thejaswini J
    • Company: SPAN Systems

  • Oracle e Business Suite Upgrade

    Oracle has upgraded its basic application versions to leverage newer technologies. The update of Oracle's Release 12 in its e-Business Suite focuses on achieving objectives to improve working methodologies to scale up the global applications management.
    • 2054 Hits
    • Submitted By: Thejaswini J
    • Company: SPAN Systems

  • Scaling Agile for Enterprises: Feature & User Story Maturity Index

    This white paper brings out how this index changes for Agile when compared to its Waterfall origin, and more interestingly necessitates a new, User-story Maturity Index (UMI). The new UMI provides a powerful tool for prioritizing iteration burn down for p
    • 2015 Hits
    • Submitted By: Satish Kamat, PhD
    • Company: JamBuster Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • How to prepare for the PMP Exam

    A PMP certification exam aspirant is encapsulated by many fear factors before appearing for the real exam but passing the exam becomes easy with a scheduled and planned preparation. This white paper is written after summarizing the experiences of few succ
    • 2077 Hits
    • Submitted By: Tanuja Durgapal
    • Company: Morpho

  • Administrator Commands

    Windows Administrator Commands which will be more useful to troubleshoot our system our self. Those commands are very useful and it is explained clearly.
    • 2000 Hits
    • Submitted By: Ramprasath
    • Company: student

  • DBA Responsibilities

    This Article is about DBA. what are various certification is there to become a DBA and I mentioned few DBA responsibilities also.
    • 1238 Hits
    • Submitted By: Ramprasath
    • Company: student

  • Secure Socket Layer

    This Article is about Secure Socket Layer brief explanation and how to check whether the webpage is secured or not.
    • 1246 Hits
    • Submitted By: Ramprasath
    • Company: student

  • Awesomeness of Running

    In this busy life with our zest to earn more money, work presuusre and family responsibilities we often forget to take care of our health and then pay hospitals or gyms to regain our health. From my own experience here's is a White Paper on one of the mo
    • 1331 Hits
    • Submitted By: Mateen Khan
    • Company: Not given

  • How to Maintain Workplace Hygiene: Practices to follow

    An individual’s major time is spent at the workplace and to continue working with focused mind, a healthy and hygienic workplace must be maintained. This paper suggests few tested practices to maintain good workplace hygiene.
    • 1666 Hits
    • Submitted By: Tanuja Durgapal
    • Company: Syscom Corp. Ltd.