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  • Using Remote Files To Set Vars

    This one is fairly simple - but can save alot of time and hassle in the future (if you have a continous project, i.e website)
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  • How To Set A Mute Sound Button

    In this video clip tutorial you will learn how to set a mute sound button in Flash

  • Accessing ID3 Tags (external .mp3)

    In Flash MX you have the capability to load an external mp3 sound file into a flash movie using the Sound.loadSound() method.

  • Turn on, off sound in flash

    This tutorial gives us the chance to turn on and turn off the sound using play and stop buttons.

  • Sound Button

    I am going to show you how you can make a sound button in flash 8 using the Action Script.

  • Simple MP3 Player

    A simple tutorial explaining how to make a basic MP3 player in Flash!

  • Shadow button with two sounds

    See this step by step tutorial and learn how to create simple shadow button with two sounds.

  • Simulated Flash Audio Spectrum Analyzer

    Code a Simulated Spectrum Analyzer for visual Audio representation using Adobe Flash and ActionScript.

  • Red women effect

    See this tutorial and learn how to create modern and practical effect which you can apply on any objects, picture...

  • Cola shaken not stirred

    how to make an cola image shaking effect animation in Adobe Flash.

  • Text animation

    In this tutorial, you will see how to create in a few step very attractive and useful text animation.