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gap line

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  • Creating blood text

    In this tutorial I show you how you can liquify / smelt text or other graphical objects.

  • Monochrome Effect

    Black/White or Monochrome effects on pictures are evergreens in image manipulation and picture presentation.

  • Software Boxes

    You know those virtual software boxes you see everywhere for downloadable software?

  • Using The Gimp

    A basic tutorial showing how to download, install and use the Gimp

  • User Interface

    This video explains the user interface of the GIMP.

  • Making Prop Swirls in GIMP

    This is a short tutorial that shows how you can easily create an effect like a swirl like you see them on spinners on aircraft.

  • Remove white

    In the GIMP you can do this trick with any color.

  • Using and Manipulating Layers

    Layers offer you great possabilities to work. You just need to understand how they work and what tricks you can do with them

  • Adding Brushes in GIMP

    This tutorial discribes how to add new brushes to the GIMP

  • GIMP rain animation

    Start from a photo or drawing, transform it in animation bu creating multiple layers and and a fake rain using motion blur.

  • Multiple Document Selection

    A little tip about selecting more than one Flash document at a time.

  • Infinitely Zooming Image

    Image contains a frame which zooms out forever.

  • Shape optimization in Flash

    If you have created a shape in Flash that contains too many curves, then there is an easy way to fix that.

  • Convert Lines to Fills

    In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to convert lines to fills in Flash

  • Mouse Cursor Recorder

    This tutorial will teach you how to create a recorder for your mouse cursor. The recorder works just like voice recorder.