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  • Slicing effect using ramps

    In this tutorial I am going to show how to make slicing effect using simple shading networks.

  • Using Projection Mapping

    Projection mapping is feature that allows you to project 2d texture with object called placement node

  • Creating a spaceship fleet

    In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use particle instance to create fleet of spaceships flying across the planes.

  • Maya 3d and Mudbox

    Maya 3d and Mudbox workflow Tutorial

  • Tea cup modeling and rendering

    In this part of this tutorial we will make some additional modeling to improve our scene

  • Create 3D heart model

    This tutorial will show you how to create a 3D heart using Maya.

  • Easy way to create a coin

    Create a realistic coin using nothing but Maya 3D.

  • Tea cup modeling and rendering

    We will go through almost every step of making this scene in final render in this tutorial.

  • Modeling a table lamp

    In this tutorial, we will model and set-up light for making a Table Lamp in Maya.

  • Maya Modelling Hammer

    In this tutorial we will be modeling a hammer with help of poly and subdiv.

  • Maya - Muscle Rigging

    Maya tutorial that will show you how to create muscles that will contract and expand a muscle a few frames before the limb moves.

  • Making eyelid rig with driven keys

    Goal for this tutorial is to make few blend shapes for 4 position of eye and drive that blend shapes automatically as eye ball rotating.

  • Poser Mixer

    I will show how to leverage the new weight curves in Motion Mixer 2.0 to create a pose slider set.

  • winter landscape

    In the next 20 minutes you will learn how to create a winter landscape.

  • Easy way to create Normal Map

    In this tutorial i will show you a easy way to export Normal, Color and Specular Map from high polygon to low polygon model.

  • The Zombie - Skinning - Software

    I created a new layer by clicking the blank page on the bottom of the layer TAB.

  • The Zombie - Uv Mapping - Software

    To start with I selected all the faces in the Head (please read my other tuts for tips on how to select things)