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  • Use PreparedStatement in JDBC for Speed and Performance

    If you are writing web application in java then you must be aware of SQL Injection attack, PreparedStatement can prevent SQL Injection attach as it do

  • How to use SimpleDateFormat in Java

    Working with DateFormat in a multithreading environment can be tricky. The Java API documentation clearly states Date formats are not synchronized. It

  • Designing a modern colorful brochure cover

    While there is the emphasis of being minimalist in modern print design, to fully create an impressive looking brochure cover these days, you need to p

  • VirtualBox Guest Additions

    Explains how to setup a shared folder between a host windows machine and guest Linux machine on VM.

  • Apache Maven - setting up

    The tutorial shows how to configure Apache maven in windows and on Eclipse.

  • JQuery Mobile for Absolute Beginners Part 1

    Due to multiple platforms, screen sizes, browsers, up until recently it was still very difficult to design and develop a single piece of mobile theme

  • Metallic Effect Business Card Design

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to do a convincing metallic-themed business card design just by following the tips and steps listed below.

  • Unix command for directory and file size

    Many people use ls command to find size of file in Unix but Surprisingly ls command does not display total size of a directory including files and sub